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My take on this has always been that we pollute far too much currently and although the science seems overwhelmingly in favour of man made global warming: does it really matter?

The vision of TED is “Ideas worth spreading”, so with disasters similar to the recent Haitian Earthquakes I thought I’d highlight and spread 15 talks presented at TED over the years that are of interest in disaster situations and useful in (somewhat) “disaster proofing” the developing world.

The North Korean government fires another salvo into its own population in the form of a currency re-valuation with a limit per person.

Welding.. Africa style!

When resources and materials are scarce ingenuity steps in to fill the gap. Ladies and gentlemen: a homemade welding rig.

I love TED talks, I wish I had enough time to watch them all but I don’t. So I have to make do with the occasional one and spread the good ones around to people I know.

Moving to another country is hard. It shouldn’t be, but it is. I look at the ways the world is generally pretty god awful in this respect. Tips to beat the system at the end.