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Trees are rather interesting if you look at how they draw up water in detail. Will never look at trees the same way.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik demolishes an ignorant mufti on television as he accuses her of indecent behaviour.

This won’t make much sense to anyone outside Australia, but the inventor of Mr Squiggle passed away this morning: Norman Hetherington.

Shinya Kimura from Chabott engineering talks about making custom bikes, riding bikes. “I use my own hands and break my back making the bikes”.

I watched this talk on the surprising nature of motivation as a standard TED talk (guy out front of audience), but this version beats it hands down for visual stimulation as well as retaining the verbal.

What do motorcycle parts get up to when the humans are gone?

I love TED talks, I wish I had enough time to watch them all but I don’t. So I have to make do with the occasional one and spread the good ones around to people I know.