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Some random future ideas on government doing solar (following on, as promised in my earlier blog about South Australia’s solar plans). Part 1 of a set of ideas for Australia’s future.

Considering the near hysterical response to some isolated yob of a cyclist thumping a bus driver, why aren’t we hearing calls for private car owners to be banned from the roads after this attack: “Car owner bashed ranger and bit cheek”?

Yes, sure it was illegal parking. Of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” variety (or should that be “don’t block the path too much and we won’t fine you”). I didn’t park there, but it was good use of a rather useless patch of concrete under an overpass. As of this week it is fenced off: […]

I’ve posted up about cool electric motorcycles before, now for a rocket powered pedal cycle courtesy of some insane inventor(s) somewhere in Japan.

Electric motorcycles just got damned sexy! The MotoCzysz E1pc is drool worthy indeed.

Braking technology on bikes just took a leap forward with Honda’s introduction of ABS in their top of the range sports bikes. A discussion of motorcycle brake technology and psychology follows.

Some posters are beyond wishful thinking, they’ve obviously never been near the London tube for them to make such a bizarro world ad.