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A quick development on application types of google glass.

My take on this has always been that we pollute far too much currently and although the science seems overwhelmingly in favour of man made global warming: does it really matter?

I can say that I either haven’t had a fixed line or known the number since about half way through uni. It seems I’m not alone according to this article: “Millions set to disconnect their fixed-line phones”.

I love TED talks, I wish I had enough time to watch them all but I don’t. So I have to make do with the occasional one and spread the good ones around to people I know.

I’ve posted up about cool electric motorcycles before, now for a rocket powered pedal cycle courtesy of some insane inventor(s) somewhere in Japan.

It’s one I’ve been referring to in a few conversations lately, so here’s a TED talk by Saul Griffith about a different way to use wind power for electricity generation.

This thing runs like someone who ran the weekend’s “city to surf” run with no warm up, or a 8 and a half month pregnant woman, but it’s still pretty impressive.