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An easy way to explain how global warming deniers like Rupert Murdoch have reached their conclusion.

Trees are rather interesting if you look at how they draw up water in detail. Will never look at trees the same way.

Had a letter published in the SMH on a climate change denier’s wilful misquoting of scientists on climate change. He claimed climate change was wrong because he read an article wrong!

As a lot of what makes it into the public mind of science is rather loosely related to the original science, I thought I’d dig up a couple of comic strips about the decidedly unscientific process of science reporting.

Meat grown in a lab: the ethics of vat grown vs slaughtered meat (a future discussion as it isn’t quite there yet).

Ever wondered just how small atoms are? Wonder no more with this little web creation!
Start with coffee bean size and head on down.

Gotta love when we take a step closer to a prediction in a science fiction book. This step is toward animals who want to be eaten (thanks Douglas Adams). Well, that’s not completely accurate, but it is roughly along the lines of “The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” in which the dilemma for vegetarians is […]