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Some kids in Africa have invented a urine powered energy source. But something smells funny with their idea.

I wrote a tutorial back in 2004 while teaching a course on an integration platform called webMethods entitled “Crash course on webMethods integration server”. Looks like someone else did the same in 2008.

Power balance is royally spanked by the ACCC.

Looks like a few people are worried they might have a fake power balance bracelet. Here’s how to tell you’ve been scammed.

There’s apparently some unauthorised snake-oil sales going on in relation to the rather too profitable “rubber bands with holograms” bracelet industry: Power balance.

The clean coal fantasy

I’m continually amazed at just how often you can hear the term “clean coal” (“carbon sequestration”, “carbon capture and store”) come out of the political arena. I don’t think I can recall another as yet non-existent technology that so much was being assumed will be developed and solve all our problems. The energy industry version of snail oil (perhaps “snake gas”, “snake sequestration” would be more appropriate).