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SMH has some strange idea if it thinks calls for rational debate over death threats should be rejected.

Vaccinate your kids

No rant.. Just do it.

It seems someone tested the dubious communication of the “coma man” who supposedly was “talking” via a facilitator after 23 years of being trapped in a coma.

What is homoeopathy? What is the 10:23 campaign? And what’s this about water having a memory and boots selling sugar pills?

The vision of TED is “Ideas worth spreading”, so with disasters similar to the recent Haitian Earthquakes I thought I’d highlight and spread 15 talks presented at TED over the years that are of interest in disaster situations and useful in (somewhat) “disaster proofing” the developing world.

Wrote a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday about the ridiculously vague “miracle” attributed to Mary Mackillop and it ended up published.

Some of the anti-vaccine stuff is reading like a crazy movie plot..