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The TPP has some benefits – if you’re a multi-national corporation.

SMH has some strange idea if it thinks calls for rational debate over death threats should be rejected.

A few strange flood related items from a few strange newspaper appearances.

As a lot of what makes it into the public mind of science is rather loosely related to the original science, I thought I’d dig up a couple of comic strips about the decidedly unscientific process of science reporting.

A Brisbane Atheist is getting raked over the coals over an experiment to see which of the Qur’an or the Bible makes better cigarette paper. Both leave a dirty after-taste in your brain if read.

So the iPad’s out: ridiculously named and crippled as any apple product. But let’s take a look at what tablet computing can do for the publishing world with 5 designs.

Considering the near hysterical response to some isolated yob of a cyclist thumping a bus driver, why aren’t we hearing calls for private car owners to be banned from the roads after this attack: “Car owner bashed ranger and bit cheek”?