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Nearly four decades of Australian AID and Aussie global mateship comes to an end to appease the conservative austerity regime.

Cairns is removing fluoride treatment from its water supply. This is ridiculous that we have people listening to the tin-foil hat brigade for policy – so I’ve created a petition. Please sign!

The ACL got publicly spanked for their attempt to censor a gay safe sex ad today. But there was a hidden message in the ad they missed.

I make no secret of it, I think spending $222m of tax dollars to fund proselytising, dodgy chaplains in Australian public schools is atrocious. Here are some suggestions on how the money could have been used.

Vaccinate your kids

No rant.. Just do it.

What is homoeopathy? What is the 10:23 campaign? And what’s this about water having a memory and boots selling sugar pills?

A old article on “straight backs bad for posture” posted by a friend on facebook reminded me of the picture I had used in one of my weekly news “roundups”.