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Some random future ideas on government doing solar (following on, as promised in my earlier blog about South Australia’s solar plans). Part 1 of a set of ideas for Australia’s future.

My take on this has always been that we pollute far too much currently and although the science seems overwhelmingly in favour of man made global warming: does it really matter?

The South Australian premier has announced solar panels on government roofs from July 2010. Sounds like a good first step.

Considering the near hysterical response to some isolated yob of a cyclist thumping a bus driver, why aren’t we hearing calls for private car owners to be banned from the roads after this attack: “Car owner bashed ranger and bit cheek”?

Some estimates for the theoretical cost of the theoretical technology of capturing carbon dioxide from coal burning. Unsurprisingly the costs are high.

Electric motorcycles just got damned sexy! The MotoCzysz E1pc is drool worthy indeed.

China is the world’s biggest polluter, pollution kills hundreds of thousands in China every year and has laid a legacy of toxic waste. But is there hope?