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Buying dolls for girls while the boys get mechano sets and the like is messed up.

Small government meets Liberal party MP and he’s upset.

A letter to the NSW education minister Adrian Piccoli MP about the NSW Government’s education funding priorities (which is basically “Fund private education rorts via cuts to public education”).

My submission to the special parliamentary review into whether or not to revoke the Primary Ethics option in NSW scripture time.

Dear PM, please consider our secular education, constitution & right to opt out of religion, thanks!

Access Ministries like to use the term evangelising rather than proselytising. It turned out they define evangelising to be the same as proselytising.. Click through to see the evidence in black, white and red.

I make no secret of it, I think spending $222m of tax dollars to fund proselytising, dodgy chaplains in Australian public schools is atrocious. Here are some suggestions on how the money could have been used.