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Nearly four decades of Australian AID and Aussie global mateship comes to an end to appease the conservative austerity regime.

The AEC reaches out to the intertubes for a meme to remind people to register to vote.

My letter about the proposed exemptions from decent behaviour for religious groups in the National discrimination laws.

Your tax dollars at work – religious exemptions from decent behaviour are leading to sanctioned persecution of people in the workplace.

A pioneer in non-legal responses to claims – Richard Leder is a man behind the Catholic Church’s “pioneering” hush-hush payments scheme. He’s also got some other interests that seem a bit inappropriate given what he does in his day job.

Just a brief post this one to jot down a few thoughts. First is that this is the first day of the CO2 price legislation hitting parliament in Australia.

The Plasma Proletariat

Well, it appears the struggling, lowest level of society has now been exposed a number of times by front page exposure. Carbon tax, reduced welfare payments etc. all seem apocalyptic to these $150K+ income households!