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An easy way to explain how global warming deniers like Rupert Murdoch have reached their conclusion.

Cairns is removing fluoride treatment from its water supply. This is ridiculous that we have people listening to the tin-foil hat brigade for policy – so I’ve created a petition. Please sign!

Powerbalance has a contender for biggest pile of nonsense in hologram bracelet form – the Mojo Futuretech bands.

Some kids in Africa have invented a urine powered energy source. But something smells funny with their idea.

So rapture is almost upon us. For my last post with religious people on earth I thought I’d reflect on the upside of doomsday.

China has a huge ongoing problem with fake food products. The latest one I’ve come across is this video showing an investigation of completely man made “fake eggs”.

I wrote a tutorial back in 2004 while teaching a course on an integration platform called webMethods entitled “Crash course on webMethods integration server”. Looks like someone else did the same in 2008.