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NRMA will lose me as a member if they insist on trying to lobby to get petrol exempted having a CO2 price.

Out for a ride this weekend just passed. Was a bit of an adventure as my bike decided to have an electrical charging issue.. Some jumper leads, a bit of ripping out fuses and unplugging headlights to make the juice in the battery last. But a good, if not sweaty, ride. Summer’s here!

As I’m living the life of a city dweller I’ll defer to my parents for something interesting trip wise. Some commentary from this month of their current trip to the Simpson Desert in central Australia.

Considering the near hysterical response to some isolated yob of a cyclist thumping a bus driver, why aren’t we hearing calls for private car owners to be banned from the roads after this attack: “Car owner bashed ranger and bit cheek”?

As soon as you mention you’ve been touring on motorbike the conversation immediately turns to talk about the series “The Long way round”. This is both flattering and insulting to motorcyclists, so a parody was bound to happen.

I’m back in Sydney after three and a half or so years of working my way through firstly Hong Kong and then the UK. As usual with me moving country: it was down to a last minute rush to get everything packed.

The sun was rather low in the horizon and directly in front of me on the road as I headed west in Morocco. Like any safe rider I decided I was spending too much time worrying about something and not enough about riding itself. My solution (courtesy of my trusty roll of Gaffer tape):