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Had a letter published in the SMH on a climate change denier’s wilful misquoting of scientists on climate change. He claimed climate change was wrong because he read an article wrong!

Some random future ideas on government doing solar (following on, as promised in my earlier blog about South Australia’s solar plans). Part 1 of a set of ideas for Australia’s future.

My take on this has always been that we pollute far too much currently and although the science seems overwhelmingly in favour of man made global warming: does it really matter?

A month or so back I did a bit of a different day in the office: a day of native vegetation planting and weed removal out at Homebush, Sydney (the old Olympic site).

Some estimates for the theoretical cost of the theoretical technology of capturing carbon dioxide from coal burning. Unsurprisingly the costs are high.

The four ways sound affects you.

A moving picture set detailing some of the pollution in China thanks to rapid growth and massive scale industrialisation.