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People need to put their money where their mouth is: sign up to greenpower on your electricity plan.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is selling us down the river to the corporate lobbyists.

An easy way to explain how global warming deniers like Rupert Murdoch have reached their conclusion.

Trees are rather interesting if you look at how they draw up water in detail. Will never look at trees the same way.

Just a brief post this one to jot down a few thoughts. First is that this is the first day of the CO2 price legislation hitting parliament in Australia.

NRMA will lose me as a member if they insist on trying to lobby to get petrol exempted having a CO2 price.

I make no secret of it, I think spending $222m of tax dollars to fund proselytising, dodgy chaplains in Australian public schools is atrocious. Here are some suggestions on how the money could have been used.