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My letter about the proposed exemptions from decent behaviour for religious groups in the National discrimination laws.

Your tax dollars at work – religious exemptions from decent behaviour are leading to sanctioned persecution of people in the workplace.

I’ve been a fan of Epicurus ever since I found out he and I share a similar philosophy of “rational hedonism”, so it’s good that he gets a mention in the SMH letters.

A pioneer in non-legal responses to claims – Richard Leder is a man behind the Catholic Church’s “pioneering” hush-hush payments scheme. He’s also got some other interests that seem a bit inappropriate given what he does in his day job.

SMH has some strange idea if it thinks calls for rational debate over death threats should be rejected.

My submission to the special parliamentary review into whether or not to revoke the Primary Ethics option in NSW scripture time.

I always find that the title “Honourable” rarely applies to people I write angry letters to. This one to The Honourable Chris Hayes an ALP Right MP and vocal homophobic fool.