Letter on the TPP that’s being sneakily negotiated behind our backs.

To whom it may concern,

Despite little public disclosure – enough details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have leaked out to be extremely worrying to anyone valuing our democratic independence or disagreeing with corporate interests being placed firmly above those of the Australian public.

I am deeply concerned that our government is currently conducting a secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiation and hiding the content from the public. Part of a good democracy is open debate and transparency on laws and agreement – and this is sounding like it will be signing us up to a range of unfair and non-beneficial conditions on the average person in order to appease big corporate lobbyists writing the rules to give them rights above those of the Australian public.

The TPP should absolutely NOT restrict the democratic processes of the Australian people in making decisions on copyright, public health, food labelling, environmental and energy policies. The influence so far has lead to a number of areas having challenges in court and ridiculous extensions to things like patents/copyright in such a way as to stifle innovation and creativity – effectively breaking the progress that patents/copyright law was originally supposed to enable.
The idea that we could be sued by multi-national companies for making up our own minds on matters relating to how we choose to operate our society is a total perversion of our democratic system. The people of this country should be able to determine what policies they implement – and without having our hands tied by some grubby lobbyist deal from Washington.

You need to fully disclose the content and negotiations that are underway and involve groups that are there to protect the rights of people rather than corporations.

Pick your game up,

Nathan Lee


You can sign the petition from choice here: http://choice.good.do/dont-trade-it-away/release-the-tpp-text/ and I’d urge you to send a letter to your MP, senators and so on.

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