Oh this is gold. But first you need the background:

Small government + family + free market eh? Let’s see what we can do to get you that!

And by the way he’s a hardcore climate change denier. Guy spends most of his time spouting on about nonsense.

So tonight dear Dennis Jensen, Liberal party MP, small government advocate, free-market fan and family man experienced an intersection of all those things and is now down to a one income household.


Oh dear, seems there are consequences to sacking people like sociopaths?

Apparently his party’s decision to cull thousands of jobs, cut into education funding and generally sack people for no other reason than they are public workers with the misfortune to be operating in a country that elects sociopathic conservatives called “The Liberal Party”: that’s all fine. But now that it’s his family having to re-evaluate their financial situation – well… That’s terrible and the result of some sort of “Labor hack”. Presumably the tens of thousands to lose their jobs, including 1/4 of the CSIRO, are the victims of Liberal hacks?

Dennis plays the typical conservative victimhood/conspiracy card: it wasn’t simply the result of austerity measures that he’s pushed for, no – it was some sort of plot – someone ELSE should have lost their job, not his wife (who may just have a single student?). Here he is complaining about Labor waste yet when an alleged “Labor hack” reduces the fat in his wife’s school – he’s up in arms. Here he is saying “It’s time our Government trimmed the fat”.

Here’s another of Dennis whinging about other “bloated” bureaucracy that he wants to cull and inflict unemployment upon other families – callously decreeing people should lose their job for no reason other than people like him don’t think climate change is real. Never a mention of what losing a job means to a family who then has to be concerned about losing a home, not clothing the kids, paying bills etc.

I’ll bet he’s currently pulling strings to try and get back at the person responsible for not continuing his wife’s role. After all – someone ELSE should be losing their job, not someone that matters to a Liberal party MP! Perish the thought! Wait, isn’t this the sort of School Principal “autonomy” that Christopher Pyne was rabbitting on about on Q&A the other day that I had a go at him about when I got to make a comment? I’m pretty sure it was. Cuts to staff like this are precisely the sort of “white anting” I was talking about that needs to stop.

Anyhow, not that I’m glad for anyone to lose their job – BUT if there were to be cuts to the “bloated” public service the Liberal party keeps misleading the public about – I’d prefer it impacts the people that are part of the cruel group swinging around the austerity axe with little regard for others. Perhaps Dennis Jensen will reconsider his position on the benefits of austerity measures and shrinking vital services like education, healthcare etc. now that he’s been on the receiving end of it (well, his wife anyhow). Perhaps a shred of empathy might make it into his thinking. That’s if it can get past the “OMG CONSPIRACY LABOR HACK!” game he’s playing to try and avoid the realisation that he’s part of the grubs that are doing this to tens of thousands of families around the country – the difference being they’re not sitting on multiples of the average wage and perks/rorts galore like he is – many on far far less who will actually feel real hardship.

Tens of thousands of other public service workers are going through far worse situations thanks to the efforts of “free-market”, “small government” MPs like Dennis Jensen – and they don’t have the soft financial cushioning of a spouse with a massive politician salary + perks.

5 Responses to “Small government advocate Dennis Jensen learns a lesson on austerity”

  1. on 16 Nov 2013 at 01:39Dan Esgate

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but did he mention student as being in the singular?? Yup, that’s efficiency in numbers at work and most definitely a Labor government in power that’s caused this travesty. Can’t wait for the MP clean out to streamline the bureaucracy they were talking about before the election, should be as interesting as the ‘we need to borrow more to pay back’ Mr Hockey has put forward. Could someone please give that man a public education exam to check his arithmetic if only to ease my mind.

  2. on 16 Nov 2013 at 14:12james gibson

    stay mad bro

    oh also you’re dead cunt

  3. on 16 Nov 2013 at 20:31Nathan

    “you’re dead cunt”? Is that a death threat – WTF?

  4. on 16 Nov 2013 at 21:01Nathan
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