This won’t make much sense to anyone outside Australia, but the inventor of Mr Squiggle passed away this morning: Norman Hetherington. He invented Mr Squiggle way back in 1959!

Do you see the similarities?

Do you see the similarities?

(image from here)

I think he even looks like Mr Squiggle don’t you think? Bit of blue rinse and a crazy tall hat..

Who the hell is Mr Squiggle?

Mr Squiggle was a character on a television show who had a pencil for a nose and would drop in from outer space in a rickety rocket to complete squiggles that kids sent in. On the odd occasion he’d do a double squiggle and change his mind (“Changed my mind! Changed my mind Miss Jane!”). To this day I wonder what kind of crazy genius you have to be to come up with not one but two drawings from some squiggles.. Surely a miracle from the man from the moon I say!

Mr Squiggle.. Man from the moon.

Mr Squiggle.. Man from the moon.

He had some (generally grumpy) cohorts: Gus the grumpy snail with a flowerpot for a shell, or was it a house..? Or a TV..?
Blackboard who coined the “Oh huuurrryy UP!” and “Hmph.. Double hmph”.

Bill the steamshovel would pop in puffing away.

Bill the Steam Shovel.

Bill the Steam Shovel.

Squiggle and Ms Jane would swap merry banter with blackboard holding up the bits of paper. His rocket was also impatient, though didn’t talk.

Here’s some other random snippets of shows from over the years out there on the intertubes (or youtubes as it may be):

The old intro:

One I remember more:

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane kids. RIP Mr Norman Hetherington, I’m sure it would be hard to find a person who grew up in Australia in the last 50 years that doesn’t know about Mr Squiggle.

3 Responses to “Mr Squiggle creator RIP (upside down! upside down!)”

  1. on 22 Jan 2011 at 05:20vivienne miller

    I was I love mr squiggle special puppet down under and good friend live on a moon in sky very tonight

  2. on 09 Feb 2011 at 12:57Dan

    I always wondered how a string puppet was able to draw. Looking at his hat now it seems obvious that the head is controlled by a rigid shaft from someone above the set.

    I guess that’s one childhood mystery solved.

  3. on 18 Mar 2011 at 12:51Fiona

    I was born the year Mr Squiggle was born and yet my 30 year old son, who is hosting an “80s TV Shows Dress UP Party” has listed Mr Squiggle as part of his 1980s growing up years…yes, I am going as Mr Squiggle with hubby as blackboard. It amazes me that my 20 something kids feel Mr Squiggle is as much a part of their childhood as I feel he was mine! He certainly has spanned the generations. You will be sadly missed Norman. I hope Mr Squiggle will live on!

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