A response to the prayer for Victorian Election by the Australian Christian Lobby.
Some context? These are a mob that campaigned for :

  • Exemption to the anti discrimination laws so that Churches could take stone age prejudice into the modern world (can’t have gays or unwed mothers working near Christians: it’d be harder to demonise them if they actually knew some)
  • Increased Govt funding of public school chaplains (to the tune of $400m+ rather than spending money on qualified counsellors, an action labelled as “dangerous” by the Australian psychological group)
  • removing (or maintaining the lack of) a woman’s right to safe, legal abortion
  • no progress on euthanasia laws (after all, if people are suffering then it is god’s will, right?)
  • creationism to be taught in schools (see their comment on the national curriculum here)
The ACL's campaign issues bear remarkable similarity..

The ACL's campaign issues bear remarkable similarity..

In fact, if it is a progression towards a more equal or compassionate society: these clowns are against it. If it is a step towards a Christian Taliban style government where every outdated, barbaric garbage law from the bible is blindly enforced by law: then they’re for it. Their version of religious freedom means “massive government legal and funding bias toward Christianity”.

A Secular, compassionate democracy (consistent with say our constitution!) isn’t high on their to-do list.

So here’s my suggestion for their prayer for the Victorian election on their page:

Nathan says:

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So I hope you’ll be praying for fairness and equality for all people, (not just straight couples) lest more gay people get persecuted/driven to suicide. It’d be fantastic to see a call from good Christians to deliver fairness in the marriage laws extended to all men and women.

And for the environment as a moral duty to future generations..

And for politicians to launch an enquiry into the paedophiles that the church has continually covered up lest more people have their lives ruined by this organised campaign of deceit..

And perhaps also spare a prayer for a proper secular separation of church and state (e.g. religions pay taxes and contribute back to the rest of society via the tax system).. As freedom of religion can only exist if there’s no funding of religions by govt.

Look forward to seeing those sentiments included in your prayers, I hope the uglier aspects of Christian lobbying are shunned in favour of these more compassionate views.

Or you can censor my views.. Whichever sits best with your conscience.

What chance is there they’ll go that way? It’d probably take a miracle (and they can’t even rustle up anything remotely convincing for Mary Mackillop’s miracle).

If Jesus existed he seemed pretty accepting of people, it’s self proclaimed Christians who seem to be known for their lack of acceptance, misogyny etc.You know what Jesus said about banning gay marriage: nothing. What he said about forcing old terminally ill people to suffer no matter whether they want to die or not? Nothing.  But here we have people claiming to be Christians and making these things their key issues..

Jesus disagrees with the ACL

Jesus disagrees with the ACL

Perhaps I should say a prayer that they see sense on their prejudiced ways.. Perhaps be a bit less like bigoted scum-bags and more like their spiritual leader supposedly was.

As a side issue I’ve recently become a member of the Secular party of Australia because of the need to focus on separation of church and state (or lack thereof). Especially when we came close to electing candidates unlikely to respect that separation as well as deny science in general.

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