Looks like my previous post on the fake power balance bracelet scam is getting some google hits as worried consumers wonder whether they’ve been ripped off. So in this post I’ll tell you definitively how to know if you’ve been ripped off and in possession of a worthless bit of plastic with a hologram.

One of the google queries that found my site was “How to spot a fake power balance“. I mean it’s an important issue right? These things are bloody expensive at $59.95 a pop and who knows what sort of impact a misaligned energy holographic sticker thingy might have on those pesky meridian lines or “natural energy”!

So when do I know I’m being scammed by a power balance bracelet?
Let’s for the sake of this define “getting scammed” or “ripped off” as “paying good money for something that doesn’t have any special ability and is just a piece of plastic with a sticker on it”.

So for the people considering buying one and worried about getting scammed: relax. I have a very easy guide as to when you’ve been ripped off.

1. If you buy it direct from power balance: you’re getting ripped off.

2. If you buy one from an authorised dealer or distributor: you’re getting scammed.

3. If you buy a fake one you will also be getting scammed, albeit slightly less. The difference is entirely down to a single metric to determine how much you’re getting scammed. If you pay $59.95 then you’ve been scammed 59.95 units on the power balance scam-o-meter (also known as Australian dollars or AUD). If you have some shifty looking guy (well.. a shifty looking guy who isn’t officially affiliated with the power balance company) sell you one for $29.95 you’ve been scammed out of twenty-nine bucks and ninety-five cents BUT that means when you stand next to the person who bought a “real” one: you’re actually $30 less scammed than that guy. So in essence you’ve got the same placebo for half the price.

Half price placebo is better than full price placebo.

Half price placebo is better than full price placebo.

So out of the possible options presented so far: your least scammy way of purchasing one is from the seedy non-genuine powerband guy offering you cheaper ones. The authentic power balance bracelet at full price is the biggest scam.

Avoiding power band scam!

Power balance bands: You can spot a fake one easily. They're all fake.

Power balance bands: You can spot a fake one easily. They\’re all fake.

The only way you don’t get scammed is if you got it free (perhaps discarded by someone reading my earlier blog or other people exposing the hoax of power balance bracelets). I suppose you could steal one, but really: it’s illegal and there’s one thing stupider than buying one in the first place and that’s going to jail for one. But it would actually cost the original scammers (or their minion local scammers) some money, perhaps less than a dollar a unit. Go into a bargain/discount store full of kiddy’s toys and plastic crap and find the cheapest plastic wrist band and that’s probably what you’ve cost them. So not worth going to jail for. Perhaps the “fake” product will drive them out of business and they’ll have to get real jobs.

So, instead of the placebo peddlers of powerbalance products: trust honest Nathan’s snake oil detection services to steer you clear of scams: if you buy a power balance band, real or fake: you’re getting SCAMMED sweetheart.. Instead (or if by some miracle I’ve stopped you wasting $60), might I suggest a donation to one of these fine, secular, charity organisations:

Sorry if that last bit was a bit preachy, but fuck me: $60 for a bullshit plastic bracelet? I mean take a look at what that means to the above charities and what they can do with it versus your typical evil scumbag placebo scam artist rolling around in piles of $100 bills having cocaine snorting contests with $10,000 a night hookers.

At $60 a pop, I'd say they could just about afford it.

At $60 a pop, I\’d say they could just about afford it.

Now I don’t know what the peddlers of power balance do with their cash, but it’s ill gotten gains in my book: even if it is down to people’s stupidity.

Update: this also applies to iRenew bracelets. Check out how similar the claims are (and the dodgy tests). Thanks to Frank Montez for pointing them out.

From their website:

The iRenew Bracelet does this by helping to balance your body’s subtle BioField.

and a bunch of claims about strength etc. Also even more placebo-ey than powerbalance:

Keep in mind the positive biological effects a balanced biofeld has for your plants and animals as well! The most efficient way to benefit your plants and animals with the technology is to use an iRenew Energy Balance System product to charge their water prior to dissemination. You can also place an Energy Balance System hologram on your pet’s water and food bowls or on the pots in which your plants reside.

Wow! Really? I guess next time I disseminate my plants, I’d better dose up the water on good quality plastic placebo.
Although I can say that the iRenew is slightly less of a scam than the power balance. Going back to my metric on the “fake” bracelets being cheaper and thus less of a scam. These are apparently USD$19.95, so a lot better *cough*value*cough* than power balance.
I’d still like to see them outperform a rubber band or bit of string though for placebo value goodness.

UPDATE: See newer post about Power balance admitting they were deceptive. No longer able to make any of the claims in Australia. So before you start going on at me: power balance themselves say these things do nothing.

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  2. on 25 Jul 2010 at 09:35Anmar Zaki

    Thank you so much for this article. It’s amazing how crazy people are getting to buy one piece of shit bracelet. I think here in Venezuela, around 70% of the people I know has one!!! Such a shame that this company is still operating and stealing money… But I guess Ignorance is paid… Nice job on your research. Good luck from Venezuela.

  3. on 25 Jul 2010 at 10:34Nathan

    Yeah, it’s a bit sad that these scammers are getting rich off people. I think they’re definitely going from country to country milking as much cash as possible before they get shut down or people realise they’re getting scammed (because they are making medical claims without any evidence whatsoever.. in Australia they’ve been referred to the TGA which is the group in charge of medical/drugs approval etc).

  4. on 30 Jul 2010 at 16:47Matt

    Nice post Nathan.

    I own a sports store in regional NSW and have been asked perhaps 30 times or more about these things. Customers look at me strangely when I say i dont stock them, so I tell them why.

    Usually i say something like this, “as a retailer in a small town, I’m not prepared to take $70 off people for a product that has absolutely no scientific evidence to support it. I dont believe it has any measurable effect, nobody can explain the science, and lets face it, if this was real the inventors should win the Nobel prize for physics. A bracelet that increases your strength by 500% – wow, imagine if that got into the wrong hands!!!”

    What I’ve realised though, is that people dont like it when I point out they are fuckwits. They are embarassed for being so gullible, and that then translates into me being a prick for ruining their fairytale. And you gotta remember, these are customers of mine, so there’s no prizes for making people feel stupid.

    I’m always amazed at how readily seemingly sensible people will swallow this crap.

    BTW – the Power Balance warehouse in Sydney has about 35000 of these things in stock and I hear retailers are selling up to 50 a week. Should be illegal.

    look forward to reading more of your rants!!

  5. on 30 Jul 2010 at 17:40Nathan

    Nice work Matt, I do some exercise sessions (bootcamp) and I was happy to hear they were equally scornful about them.
    I think it’s a sign of how instant/quick fix obsessed we are these days. We want a pill for better health, a magic bracelet for more power/endurance and surgery for anything else.
    I suspect there’s a bunch of the bands gathering dust as people realise they do absolutely nothing, the massive load of them still to be sold is quite scary. The profit on them must be ridiculous. A cheap plastic band and a sticker: what? no more than 2-3 bucks manufacturing cost? Another dollar for packaging/shipping.
    Perhaps we just need a govt tax on these things: 100% of value until there’s some science that shows these claims are more effective than placebo. Seems fair enough given the medical/health claims.
    Anyhow, good work on taking an ethical stance. Hopefully they will spend their money on local goods instead, or perhaps toward some running shoes that actually will work to help improve fitness if used to get some regular exercise..

  6. on 07 Aug 2010 at 09:32Frank Montez

    Whats your opinion on i renew bracelet?

  7. on 12 Aug 2010 at 22:59Nathan

    iRenew sounds like exactly the same thing. Another batch of scam merchants. Updated post with some info about them in it.. :) Thanks!

  8. on 19 Aug 2010 at 01:03Quinta

    Great article!

    I’m a quite sceptical person and I absolutely hate new trends that pop out of no where (which is more and more common these days) and I don’t just take word from anyone, I research extensively and if I have to tell friends or work colleagues (in this case) they’ve been scammed, I will.
    I really wished people weren’t so gullible and searched/studied things by them selves (we have internet these days damnit) before buying and adhering to “it” like lemmings to the cliffs.
    “But it works!” – Of course it works, it’s called positive thinking…

  9. on 19 Aug 2010 at 10:30SportsRem

    Love the sense of humour.
    We decided to stock it because we think it helps, but I don’t want to argue that, my best advice is that if you don’t believe it don’t buy it. We even recommend some customers not to buy it. We’ve been turning down counterfeit offers from China, but following your article an astute bizman should open a website called GenuinelyFakePowerBalance.com (and buy the alternative domain GFPB.com – it’s for sale) and retail at $10 USD (you can get a batch of 10000 pcs for $1 each).
    P.S. for some reason, the louder and more skeptical the better customers they became (barefoot shoes, nanotechnology engineered guarana based stimulant, comp socks, ionised oxygen charge stabilised water,… the weirder the better we like to sell it 😉 )

  10. on 24 Aug 2010 at 01:35PATRICK

    Power Bands like these are indeed effective, but don’t get me wrong, I say their effective in a sense that it enhances a person’s self esteem and gives them confidence because they think “Oh wow Im wearing a special bracelet that will make me stronger and be a better person” with that in mind these people are unconsciously making their mind and body stronger, But this is a TOTAL RIP OFF and a SCAM, people shouldn’t have to pay for this crap, they just have to believe in their selves.

  11. FUCK !!!!

  12. on 26 Aug 2010 at 08:06Nathan

    SportsRem:You’re selling a product that makes medical claims that it is simply not able to make. I imagine if doctors could do that, or other manufacturers: false advertising.

    Selling placebos to customers seems like you’re not interested in educating them to do something real in terms of fitness: you’re just joining the scam merchants for a quick buck. A more truthful approach would be to educate your customers and steer them towards a pair of jogging shoes or weights. These things, if used regularly, WILL improve strength, agility, health. Slapping a placebo on doesn’t improve their health one little bit. Depends what business you’re in: making money selling quack products that claim to improve health magically, or actually selling good products to help people improve their health.
    I can go from an ethics perspective on obesity/poor health: you’re telling these people they don’t have to exercise and can get magical benefits with no work.

  13. on 26 Aug 2010 at 08:07Nathan

    Patrick: pity there isn’t a power-morality bracelet that increases ethical standards eh? That’d “make them a better person”.. :)

  14. on 27 Aug 2010 at 07:16Mike Jones

    I bought one for $1.25 off E-Bay. Therefore, I’m only out $1.25. I feel much better, so much that I’ve bought more as spares. Better give money to the Chinese then some Aussie or America wanker, eh?

  15. on 27 Aug 2010 at 09:02Nathan

    “The holograms are purchased and programmed in the USA. The silicone/neoprene wristbands are manufactured in China.”

    So they got a sticker printed in the USA and then stuck on a band that came from the USA.
    Well, maybe not even that: they “purchased” the stickers in the USA (supplied by China?) then stuck ’em on in the USA.

    So I’d say you probably just cut out the middleman in the USA and got an identical product. Perhaps sending even more money to China who wear the environmental consequences of manufacturing these placebo devices.

  16. on 08 Sep 2010 at 12:59Kristin

    Yeah so I noticed the picture u posted on ur site actually has the fake brady pictured in it. Personally I’ve never heard of any one paying $60 for one of these. But I guess prices hike in some places. I actually have done the tests. The real tests with the real and fake and there is a difference. Maybe u have been scammed all the way around. What a shame. U can tell whether it is fake or not by the sticker and by the band itself. In the back ground of the sticker it should say genuine repeatedly in small print behind the logo. When turning the band inside out, the small square on the band that has a The logo on it should now b facing inward and the part now facing u should have the letter of the size u bought on this square. It should also have another letter on the band itself right next to the square. Check it out. Do your research and then comment. I know several older people who wear them and their artharitis has actually decreased. Sorry if ur one who bought a fake one. I have bought both real and fake and u must watch out for people that believe they should take advantage of others. Where ever u r buying it from should conduct the test on u. If u don’t believe it works then simply don’t buy it. =) easy as that.

  17. on 08 Sep 2010 at 16:27Nathan

    Kristin: that’s crap. Watch the video where they do a blind test with powerbalance vs a credit card: Performed by the official Australian reseller on TV, but with proper blind testing. There’s absolutely NO difference between the “fake” and the “real” ones. If you’ve bought one for less than AUD$60 then I’d say it is you who has bought a fake one and you’re now lecturing me on which placebo is real. :)

    I haven’t bought any power balance bracelets: I’m not that silly. :)
    What I’m trying to do is highlight that this is a scam, one which you’ve bought into. I’d suggest you go back and demand a refund because it is just a rubber band with a sticker on it.

    I’ll bet anyone $1000 bucks that in a properly controlled scientific double blind test they can’t tell the difference between power balance and a rubber band or some other object any more likely than chance (e.g. the definition of a placebo).

    Or you can not risk your money and watch the video where Richard Saunders does the test. Let me know if you’re happy to pony up the thousand bucks.
    If I win I’ll donate it to a charity (hell, I’m happy to make some money out of this power balance scam in the name of education/science), if you win: you can do what you like with the money.

    I have no doubt that people *think* they are doing something, that’s what placebos do: but if they don’t know for sure if the thing is actually on their wrist the results get “interesting”.

    Here’s a question for you (or anyone): how do you break a power balance band? At what point does it become ineffective?

    You need to look up the term “placebo”: so that’s some research for you to do. You’ll see explanations identical to yours for any number of quack products: be it homoeopathy to aura cleansing to magnetic bracelets. If you’d like to send me a real and a fake one: I’ll video the tests for you, or nominate someone local to me to supervise/video the thing.

  18. on 10 Sep 2010 at 13:27jobin

    Thanks moron for wasting nearly 5 five minutes of my precious life and others as well. I should have known better I guess..I was hoping I could retrieve some somewhat useful information such as : picture comparison straight from the company to a fake distributor, but no you just want to hate on the bracelets and try to act like you know something…which you don’t..if this lame excuse for a roast of powerbalance then you failed, nonetheless life..you might have helped the 90 percent of ignorant people in this world..please find another way to spend your time and not waste ours……FFFFAAAAAIIIIILLLLLL!

  19. on 10 Sep 2010 at 15:04Nathan

    Jobin, the only thing failing here is your common sense. I’ll make you the same deal: $1000 buck wager if you can pick the fake from the real from a rubber band (maybe with magic glitter as per the comment from James) in an actual scientific test. If you’re game: put your money where your mouth is. If the real power balance is so easy to tell then you should be able to peel open the packet and verify its claims on the spot: trouble is that there’s no difference other than cosmetic.

    Until you (or anyone else thinking these things are real) are game enough to pony up the cash and partake in some science: I’ve got no qualms trying to inform people that no matter which type of power balance: you’re getting scammed (difference is by how much, in which case the “fake” wins).

    Sheesh, you try and save people from themselves.

    “A fool and his money are soon parted” is the quote that springs to mind.. I’ve got some land in the middle of Sydney harbour to sell if you like, I’ll even throw in some magic mylar encased, made in china “for sale” signs with it..

  20. on 14 Sep 2010 at 13:25Roblin

    I don’t know about this but mine works. As long as it does I’m happy. No use ripping off a product that works on some people.

  21. on 15 Sep 2010 at 20:39jemjem

    hey , can i ask something ? what are the signs of fake power balance and original one ?

  22. on 15 Sep 2010 at 22:54Nathan

    Really? You read my blog and you’re still asking? :)

    There’s no such thing as a real powerbalance: they’re all fake. It’s a made up, hocus pocus product that has no ability other than a placebo. So the only difference then (as the “fake” and “real” are both made in china for perhaps 20c a unit) is how much they cost.

    I made an offer before, and I’ll throw it out again: $1000 bucks if ANYONE can pick the “fake” from the “real fake” product in double blind, scientific tests.

  23. on 17 Sep 2010 at 22:33Kaballas

    Aye Nathan

    I swear they work. I tied one around my dick this morning and have been walking around with a stiffer all day……………..

  24. on 17 Sep 2010 at 22:34Kaballas

    yone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

  25. on 21 Sep 2010 at 08:32Ken Greatorex

    Keep up the good work!

    Ken Greatorex, Vic Skeptics

  26. on 22 Sep 2010 at 00:41Ses

    I work in a procurement dept. yesterday one of my suppliers came and proud of his PB Bracelet and asked why I haven’t got one…
    I said I’d like to wear one, I dont’ like to pay for one…
    He came back to his car and brought red and black PB bracelet and asked me to choose one.. For free…
    Apparently he owns a motorcross racing team and sponsored by PB, and therefore he got some free bracelets.
    In this case, he’s ripping PB off, and I’m involved. Somehow it improves my self esteem… 😀

  27. on 23 Sep 2010 at 04:29Do bracelets get sick?

    […] quotes I have about them is "Half price placebo is better than full price placebo." See Nathan Lee – How to spot a fake power balance bracelet for how to spot a fake power balance bracelet Reply With Quote   + […]

  28. on 23 Sep 2010 at 20:11steve

    Hi Nathan.I’m sick of this scam i work in the fitness industry my boss sells them, heaps of them i told him months ago that the tests are universal iv’e had them preformed on me a few years ago to sell me vitamins etc. some of these tests have been used to sell crystals its a kind of muscle energy stretch with the operator putting their own placebo effect on it .I also read that a Australian medical journal says “biochemically improbable” i did a test with a twink bottle WOW it worked.I ended up doing a REAL double blind test, my boss couldn’t tell which one was real and the guy tested got stronger and more fexible with both bands one was fake.it doesn’t mater how well you show the TRUTH,people want to believe they have an edge in sport and sellers don’t care they’re money hungry p____s I use to do my heaviest bench press by turning my cap around to the side. The difference is I’m not claiming some insane story about malya holograms and a totally hoax frequency. The really sad side to this is the bands will be for sale second hand on ebay etc for $5.00 next year and some people will have made lots of money.cheers

  29. on 24 Sep 2010 at 01:45Maya ripp

    PB bracelet is all of it fake…how could a rubberband with a sticker on it could be that expensive? It just a hologram, how could hologram could make us so perfect? Well, it cant! Silly and stupid PB

  30. on 30 Sep 2010 at 13:29Kelvin

    A lot of my friends are selling fake PB for months in China, and making a lot of money, even though the PB wholesale price is extremely low now. Yes power balance is HOT in US and other countries, people wear it all the time! but you can’t see local people have it on their wrist in China, who cares? as long as it sells well to outside, it is good.

    Respecting health effect, you can wear traditional jade, silver, or gold, or something cheaper, like magnetic stone… you name it; these things have the natural effect on human energy, health, of course when you wear it you have placebo effect as well– this is double effect! i’m a wholesaler, but i don’t sell these things, nor the fake PB, not interested! am just wanna say if you keep healthy, use the natural way, and have more confidence & be optimistic…

    last but not least, i haven’t tried any fake or original PB on, so am not going to say it good or bad if is no harm lol

  31. on 01 Oct 2010 at 13:08NONEYEE


  32. on 01 Oct 2010 at 13:52Nathan

    NONEYEE: by all means take me up on the $1000 bet (see further up) if you’re so sure. Put your money where your mouth is (or cheaper option is to keep it shut). :)

  33. on 01 Oct 2010 at 19:46Gramm

    I’ve enjoyed reading these posts you’ve done. Today my curiosity got the best of me. There’s numerous people who have these bracelets around where I work and I finally asked one of the people I know with one, “Hey – does that thing really work?” apparently one of the guys who comes into my work actually sells these “Power Balance” things and he gave me the whole demo of it.. made me stand on one foot w/ arms out at my sides, pulled on my arm and made me tip over. He did it again with the bracelet sitting on my shoulder and magically I didn’t fall over. Then just to show me that it’s the “magic” and/or “power” of the bracelet and not muscle memory he took the thing off my shoulder and pulled on me – of course I tipped over. I don’t really understand the whole process of selling snake oil but I think this guy was pretty good at it. In the end he actually gave me a bracelet for free which I found odd after coming home to find that they go for something like $30 USD on their website. It’s kinda astounding how many people go in for this and the iRenew thing. I guess people are always looking for an easy answer and a quick fix and things like this that sound to good to be true really fill the void some people have in their lives. It all reminds me of these necklaces I saw years ago that had little solar power collection cells on the front of them that promised to absorb the suns rays and give you energy – I thought just going out in the sun and soaking up vitamin D was good for you (in moderation) why would you need a necklace to do it for you? Anyway… very good read, thank you.

  34. on 06 Oct 2010 at 11:13MoreFoolYou

    Ha Ha Ha Ha
    So damn fake, the fakiest of the fake. Really these should be called stupid tax bracelets ’cause they are just that.
    Great post Nathan and i’ll continue to read your blog.
    A guy tried to sell me one almost 12 months ago, for $80, clearly the price is coming down.
    He pulled on my arms etc to prove it, felt like i was being scammed the whole time.

  35. on 06 Oct 2010 at 11:22Matt

    Good to see this getting more and more coverage. As a sport scientist, at some point I intend to extend on the excellent work of Richard Saunders by using objective, established tests for muscular power, strength, static balance etc. in a blinded manner, to really get some science out there.

    Alas, I don’t currently have the resources to run that little project. If anyone out there reading this is interested in running a battery of proper exercise tests and needs guidance on the types of tests to use, I’d be happy to help. Just tweet me.

  36. on 06 Oct 2010 at 13:34Here's another one

    The local 24hr sports radio station has been pumping these ones for weeks now…http://www.ekenpowerbands.com.au/

  37. on 06 Oct 2010 at 13:38Here's another one

    I’m sure they are the “Real Deal”…..Hahahaha…….NOT!

  38. on 07 Oct 2010 at 07:00Someone Who Actually Knows Something

    Are you kidding me these thing actually work! I know it sounds kind of strange and I know they are fake but somehow I preform better with mine on. Gets me thinking…

  39. on 07 Oct 2010 at 07:08Someone Who Actually Knows Something


    (Nathan – edited out more random character garbage.. if you’re going to put ascii art in, at least make it something good)

  40. on 07 Oct 2010 at 07:13Someone Who Actually Knows Something

    This is full of crap I bought one for 10 bucks and it does work stop posting like 1000 words on something NOBODY CARES ABOUT get a life up yours bie fag

    (Nathan – edited this to remove the lines of dashes from the end of “ABOUT”.. the message was childish enough without crappy formatting)

  41. on 08 Oct 2010 at 07:03john

    My Chiropractor says it works, he doesn’t sell them tho. He believes in Holistic medicine and stuff… It is a placebo, that works!… Get the cheap $10 power balance from amazon, so you won’t get ripped off.

  42. on 13 Oct 2010 at 07:47kyle

    i bought one for $5 from a FREIND AND ALL MY FREINDS SAY THEY R FAKE HOW DO U KNOW

  43. on 14 Oct 2010 at 09:29Ray

    I’ve got no idea of where you are, but if I could I’d accept your $1000 dollar wager, heck, make it $5,000. These things work. I used to think exactly like you, and make fun of people who wore them, but after wearing one myself I’ve realized it does make a difference, I’m usually more awake with it, and sleepier/tired without it. You’re right about one thing though, the mind is a powerful thing. If hardcore skeptics like yourself BELIEVE it doesn’t work, then it won’t (call it reverse placebo, you are conditioning yourself towards expecting negative results). Obviously the bracelet won’t turn you into Superman, but it’s a subtle effect that might be worth the buck.

  44. on 14 Oct 2010 at 11:31Nathan

    Fantastic! A taker..!
    I’m Australian based, but hey.. If you’re willing to test this out: I’ll arrange to get the terms of the test set out. I’m sure I can find a suitable overseas tester (UK? US? Where?) to carry out a proper scientific test if push comes to shove.

    This would basically involve you proving that it works (without knowing whether it is the power balance, a fake, a rubber band). If you think that it has some powers beyond placebo then it should work right? That would also count out the “reverse placebo” affect.

    I’d also suggest that before I’d be willing to put my money down, I’d want us to agree firstly on the terms of the test and secondly to put both amounts in an independent escrow agreement somehow so that when the test shows it is no more effective (than a piece of lint or a stick of chewing gum) you don’t suddenly declare that the test wasn’t fair or that you aren’t going to pay. If I’m going to go to the effort to raise money for charity, I don’t want them getting screwed. If I somehow lose: you’d want the same assurance.

    I completely refute the claims power balance make about their magic hologram sticker. They’ve no evidence of this magical energy force, or that their device is tuned (it’s stamped off a production line, that’s about it). Any simple test with any sort of sensible scientific controls will show that (watch the video for Richard Saunders showing exactly that before you put down your money is my recommendation).

    Still game?

  45. on 16 Oct 2010 at 15:34nat

    My only comment: Whether it works or not, does it even matter? If people believe it does and they see improvements then that is good enough. I don’t hear you getting all up in arms about people selling nutritional supplements with all sorts of claims…amino acid drinks, certain kinds of protein blends, etc. do some research on those topics and write something about that.
    better to pay $30 for a piece of rubber that gives you confidence than to pay for drugs. It’s like religion – they say the power of faith/belief sometimes does more than anything else. If it helps people and they really believe it – let it be.
    anyway, I realize that your blog is about complaining about pretty much everything so I’m not sure it’s worth it.
    For the record – I don’t really believe this stuff works either

  46. on 17 Oct 2010 at 12:49dave

    I have to wonder, do you even know anything about the various beliefs regarding how the body works, such as chi, reflexology, acupuncture etc? No? Then STFU and stick to talking about your motorbike and your software engineering and other shit nobody cares about. You only posted this to get more google hits after you realised you stumbled upon a winner with your previous power balance rant.

  47. on 17 Oct 2010 at 17:32Nathan

    Nat: absolutely it matters because it results in people placing value in “do nothing” remedies at the expense of actual medicine.
    Let’s look at some scenarios: someone has chest pains.. They buy one of these things instead of going to the doctor because they hear from someone that maybe their “life energy” is out of alignment.
    Or instead of trusting what doctors say: they go to get homoeopathic treatments for their kids instead of vaccines.
    Trusting in unproven snake oil over medicine DOES happen. Lack of critical/skeptical review of the scientific evidence (for which there is NONE on powerbalance’s site.. you’ll find only testamonials).

  48. on 17 Oct 2010 at 17:38Nathan

    Dave: pray tell me – how does this energy business work? Because funnily enough of the thousands of years of medical progression has not found any such thing.. And funnily enough the crackpots peddling these things can’t seem to stand up to any sort of medical/scientific test.

    Face it: it’s just bullshit that has zero proof. You might as well say that inside every person lives a magical unicorn that runs on pixie dust. It has as much proof and is as valid a theory as your chi/life energy bullshit.

    I posted to warn people about this scam that powerbalance are getting pulled up on time and time again. Every time someone tries to test these things they are just junk. Laughable junk were it not adding to the problem of people entrusting their health/well being to crackpot expensive scam “treatments”.
    It’s always funny how people tend to waste their money and swear by these products/snake oil treatments until something actually needs fixing: then (if they’re at all smart) they run back to real doctors with real drugs and real treatments.. What’s worrying is when they don’t or when they’re in charge of a kid’s health.

    Again: if you’re so convinced – put your money where your snake oil supporting mouth is: pony up the $1000 and we’ll see how real your life energy is.

  49. on 17 Oct 2010 at 19:47dave

    Nathan, you may want to read my comment again..

    Funnily enough, did i say i understand the various energy systems people believe in? No.
    Funnily enough, did i say i believe in chi etc? No.
    Funnily enough, did i say i believe in the power balance bands? No.

    Funnily enough, the only reason natural treatments dont have the multibillion dollar funding/research/studies etc to fuel them (such as homeopathic medicine as you mentioned before) is because if (for example) they happen to cure cancer with a homeopathic medicine or anything else natural, there can be no patent and there will be no money to be made. Simple.

    Nathan, you stick to your doctor prescribed drugs and see how far that gets you…
    Funnily enough.

  50. on 17 Oct 2010 at 20:34Nathan

    Dave: Oh here we go.. Yes, every crackpot snake oil (that seem to cost a lot of money you seem to miss) is another blow to the vast conspiracy theory that is science and modern medicine.

    So I’d have to wonder: why do you mention such proof free concepts if you don’t think they have any validity? Just picking topics out of the air to say “if you don’t know about X then STFU”. So let’s say I know NOTHING about them (which is not the case): what’s that got to do with me pointing out what a fraud these placebos are?

    The reason these remedies don’t have million dollar funding for scientific validation is because they don’t work and it takes a very small amount of money to prove that (and I think if you look you’ll find they’ve been disproved pretty conclusively). I’ve talked about homoeopathy before on this blog and have a general skeptical view of stuff that falls outside “conventional medicine”. Perhaps I’m just a stooge for the “big pharma” and in league with the conspiring scientists to profit from poisoning people.
    When you get in a car crash or have a heart attack: I hope you have your alternative medicine quack on speed dial.. Oh wait, no you won’t: you’ll call for real doctors.

    As I said: if you believe I know nothing about these power balance things and you do because you can grab random quack concepts and tell me to “STFU”: put your money where your mouth is and take me up on the $1000 bet. I’ll widen it and give you double the chance: we can test out this Chi concept too, or homoeopathy water).
    Or, thinking bigger: if you believe some of that supernatural crap has validity (perhaps some other scientific conspiracy keeping that down because there’s no profit in it) there’s a million dollar prize that the James Randi foundation has had sitting there waiting for someone to claim. Makes my $1000 seem pretty piddly.. And the million buck prize is piddly compared to the sums these power balance scammers are raking in.

  51. on 19 Oct 2010 at 23:25Ant

    Nathan you loser! Why don’t you STFU. These things work! I might have spent $60 on this but I’ve saved a shitload on petrol and air-ticket costs by simply flying to where ever I wanna go. And whats more they give me more energy so I can fly even further. I have like a hundred and one of them and I wear them all at once so I now have, like, 50 000 % strength increase (even numbers cancel them out). Just yesterday I bench-pressed a car. Don’t diss what you don’t. And if they didn’t work then why do you think Santa Claus gave one each to Rudolph and his reindeer friends?

    P.S. Dave is an idiot. Just Saying….

  52. on 22 Oct 2010 at 02:20lee

    hey listen, the tests are fake, i know this cuz i sell the product. . . i need to eat u know. but look how the tests are done. without the power balance the official steps slightly backwards win he pushes down, almost dragging the customer. when the band is put on, he simply pushes straight down causing the illusion of power and balance. watch all the tests, power balance off he pulls them to the side making them stumble. power balance on he pushes straight down, peoples leggs automaticaly act as shock absorbers when beng pushed down, their knees bend, allowing them to retain balance. i really hate this product it makes me boiling mad. but im only a employee at a retail store. i wasnt told any of this information either i simply figured it out watching the “officials”

  53. on 22 Oct 2010 at 02:22lee

    sorry for spelling errors,tired

  54. on 22 Oct 2010 at 02:28lee

    you people are really thick as hell, how can it still be a placebo if you know its a placebo. dumb shits

  55. on 27 Oct 2010 at 03:56terry

    I have figured out what these holograms really are, they are what is refered to in the bible in the end times as the mark on your wrist, you are being tracked by a microchip and all of your personal information is on it, these things are very dangerous and should not be worn, if you have one or know someone who has one warn them

  56. on 27 Oct 2010 at 10:18Joey

    I was searching some of these and i came across the energy force band. It seems like it might do something but i was wondering if you knew anything about it. Thanks

  57. on 27 Oct 2010 at 22:37terry

    if you will notice these bands are mainly worn by athletes and otherwise healthy younger men, a race from another galaxy planted these bands here for the male population and they will gradually cause sterilization and impotence in the human male race, stay away from these bands

  58. on 28 Oct 2010 at 14:17Bob


    I have read a number of your articles and I have to applaud you for being a most skeptical down trodden fuck. Do you wake up in the morning look in the mirror and label yourself a fake fuck. Do you believe that the earth and the planets are real or are you just an puddle of goo in some scientists beaker? Wake up, your dreaming, or is your waking life so miserable that dreaming is the only way to keep from swallowing a bullet to end your miserable existence. although then what would your happy band of we’ve been scammed followers do, but swallow a bullet too. Hey, more room for the rest of us that are smart enough to go through life not wasting our valuable time here worrying whether we got screwed on a $60 bracelet. Speaking of that $60 dollars, you probably throw away more then that on Styrofoam coffee cups and fast food containers, because you believe that eating healthy is a facade developed by organic believers in a attempt to scam you out of your hard earned dollars with inflated prices for fake organics. Eat another healthy big mac and enjoy your clogging arteries, cause the impending bullet will get you first.

    Have a nice day!

  59. on 29 Oct 2010 at 04:57simon

    hi Nathan, i agree with you. i am wrtiting this mail from south africa where the ower balance scam has reached fever peak. i sold the junk and still have some left that i am getting rid of to recover my money. it is placebo but reveals to you how stupid people can be. but it tough me something…as long as you know what stupid people with money want…you can exchange their money to satisfy their stupidity. i called the authorised PB wholeaers in my country and they could not explain to me the difference between the real junk and the fake junk. si in short,,,let those who have money and are stupid…continue to loose thier money.

  60. on 07 Nov 2010 at 21:42prince7777777

    I don’t about power balance. But I know exactly there is Chi/prana/bioplasmic energy/etheric/astral/aura. But for balancing this energy you should practice/exercise yoga and meditation/mindfulness/awareness also some “Breathing” methods not just wearing some items this or that. Nothing is instant!

  61. on 08 Nov 2010 at 15:13walt

    Hey nathan im not here to down talk you like some of these other guys i sell these bracelets and i tell them before i even do the test that i cant make the claim that they do what they do because of the frequencies they claim it puts out to make your natural energy force stabilize. I tell them it could also be a placebo effect but hey if they choose to still buy it then its a win win for me and for them they now have the know that it could be a placebo and hey if this thing can make your brain do what it says to me its worth the 25 bucks i sell them for i paid full price for my first one and i still believe it was worth tricking my brain into a placebo but with all that said i cant hate on what you say because you make perfectly good sense your a realist but hey not everyone has that mentality.. i don’t believe in ripping people off that is why i tell them both sides of it and if they buy it then i haven’t ripped them off leave me with a clear mind that i haven’t done someone dirty because they understand it could be both . but great blog you got going on here i would love to hear a reply from you thanks and have a great day!

  62. on 10 Nov 2010 at 00:51braden

    Nathan, you’re a legend. Its amazing that throughout all of this people are still resistant to the fact they’ve been scammed. Hell I’m one of them , I thought I was gettin a deal when I bought one cheap. As you point out, the manufacturers don’t A) have any scientific proof , and B) cant tell you the difference between legit and fake, cos there is no difference. Im not ashamed to say Iv’e been duped, mostly because of testiments from people who really believe they work, and hey, it probably does work for them cos they believe it so, so cudos to them, but to all of you Nathan Haters, if you’re so enamoured by this product, then why the hostility to Nathan, like religion, believe what you want to believe.

  63. on 10 Nov 2010 at 05:39John

    Nathan- Your a dumbass! The Energy Force bands do work. I have done the test on hundreds of people and they work for a fact. Have you ever even tried the band??

  64. on 10 Nov 2010 at 11:10Nathan

    John: take me up on the $1000 bet then. I’m sure a charity will welcome me taking $1000 off you and spending it on something good..

    Braden: Yeah, testimonials are a tricky one because you assume they’ve done the research. Powerbalance and others know this, that’s why they don’t bother trying to prove their product works, just that someone famous will say it works. It’s ok, the haters can hate all they want, none of ’em are game to put their money where their mouth is so far.

    Walt: They cost $60 in Australia, that’s USD$60 at current exchange rates. They’re also selling them in poorer countries.. For a < $2 product and justifying it via hocus pocus bullshit.. I’m thinking bigger picture with these placebo things: people might say it is just a harmless thing, but we’ve got diseases that medicine/science has beaten cropping up because people just believe some magic water or other snake oil product will do.. It’s dangerous, not to mention unethical on part of the sellers to promote a product as having magic unproven qualities. prince7777777: benefits of relaxation/meditation aren’t tied to a need to believe in life forces, energy auras etc.. But you’re dead right: there aren’t quick fixes. People want more strength, endurance, agility: they’re going to have to do more than strap on a wrist band. Simon: yeah, I’m really not sure how they would tell what’s fake and what isn’t from a performance perspective.. I guess that’s why they have the no questions asked return policy because people will rarely bitch about a product they got to return.. Bob: I love how you assume that because I’m speaking out against powerbalance, a product which claims to be a magical quick fix on health/fitness, that I’m a lard arse who doesn’t exercise or something. I admire your ranting trail: it went to organic vegetables, mcdonalds etc. What’s that got to do with a scam placebo bracelet? The organic oranges I have in my fruit bowl are a bit weedy in size, but they’re real and have nutritional value (to what degree vs non-organic is highly debatable.. but they’re both food): but the power balance isn’t “technology” like it claims. Terry: well played sir. One can only hope these cause sterility for the sake of the gene pool. Joey: Sounds like something from a computer game. I’d hazard a guess and say it’d be the same, but maybe one of these products actually requires batteries and gives you a 2,000 volt shock, injects you with speed etc and might actually do something. If it has no batteries, no stimulants, talks of energy alignment/enhancement etc = scam. Lee: Yeah, I think they figure that just because they’ve been told it is fake means they actually listen, deep down they still believe it works. Placebos are mostly about subconscious and in the case of powerbalance and their balance tests: the testers skew the results. Richard Saunders from skepticzone has some videos talking about how you mention these people do the skewing of results (e.g. pulling slightly sideways vs straight down).. Ant: :) I heard a competitor to powerbalance say that their product was twice as powerful because it had twice as many holograms. I want a suit of armour made from the holograms: would be INVINCIBLE!

  65. on 12 Nov 2010 at 02:40John

    power balance is indeed a big SCAM!! i have one though but got it for free so i haven’t been scammed. hehehe. it works because of positive thinking, so it’s all in your mind dude. PLACEBO that is. But why opt for an expensive placebo right? just because it is endorse by some famous athletes, people then believe it making the manufacturer richer and richer. How much do they have to pay for SHAQ? hmmm. INVESTMENTS. because they can have their money back when people will bite into their tricks. this is all TRICKERY.

    for my experience wearing a power balance makes me feel good though but nah it doesn’t work as what it claims. I still get sleepy yeaH!! it just looks good on me. but time will pass and these power balance will be out of trends. so manufacturers will create again another scam to make their wallets and pockets heavy. Watch out for it soon. but i hope you won’t be fooled. i agree with you nathan, better give to charities, you can really see your money’s worth and have a good feeling helping people feel alive in real sense.

  66. on 12 Nov 2010 at 08:12Mike

    Hi Nathan,
    can you send me a link of the video or some kind of test with the credit card you mentioned?
    I agree with you,its a bullshit,but i need some material to convince my gullible dumb friends who wont believe me without that…..
    By the way,im from Europe-Czech republic,so you see stupid people are everywhere and the problem is cosmopolitan haha Thanks for any kind of test proving the truth,bye Mike.

  67. on 14 Nov 2010 at 17:57walt

    not to mention unethical on part of the sellers to promote a product as having magic unproven qualities. <—– Very true but i do the opposite like i put in my first statement .. i tell them before i even do the test that i cant make the claim that they do what they do because of the frequencies they claim it puts out to make your natural energy force stabilize. I tell them it could also be a placebo effect .. But yeah as far as them being hocus pocus on a magical ability that is true there not magical but to me if i sell them if they believe one or the other im not going to tell them different it would be like me trying to argue down religion with a religious person that believes in GOD When i don't i cant hate towards someone that believes in something I don't want to take that away from anyone the mind is a powerful thing… And i sure wouldn't promote theses things over medications that can potentially save someones life because that would be unethical… but as far as the whole power,balance,and flexibility..I see no harm in placebo effects if a bracelet can make a mind work harder to do what these things it claims then more power to it.. That just goes to show that your mind is more powerful then you may think and if its more powerful then you think then think of the potential someone may have to unlock there minds from being imprisoned from thinking hey im not smart enough to do this. When in reality you most likely are smart enough to accomplish more then you know. just from something claiming it will help you in this manner could be Huge for more then one person.. Is this true most likely not but if someone believes that a product can do this and it works threw placebo then ill endorse it.

  68. on 15 Nov 2010 at 16:10udddda

    they work…article is shit

  69. on 16 Nov 2010 at 05:59Joanna Austin

    I don’t know who you are…or where you come from, but, if I could see you in person, I could show you how it DOES work! I’m a 95lb woman, and can show, anybody, the balance it gives a person to have one on. Get a life, and try to right a blog about something that you, DO, know about.

  70. on 16 Nov 2010 at 07:56Nathan

    Joanna and Udddda (and anyone else going to jump on here and spout “it works.. it works!”: I’ve got $1000 on the table that says it doesn’t work.. Care to put your money where your mouth is?

    Joanna: I’m not sure what you weight has to do with a rubber band being a placebo, but by all means: take me up on my challenge.

  71. on 17 Nov 2010 at 05:02fitness freak nd rugby player

    Why can’t u all stop arguing. So what if they are fake or real we will never know. So what if PB is making heaps of cash the thing is they change peoples lives. If it’s mentally or physically for some people it helps. Doesn’t everybody need a moral change. some people are close to death with no self esteem, but give them a PB and they smile. I self have one and I don’t care if its real or not you still get the free self esteem booster. so stop fussing and leave the toppic. If people ask me if it works I simply say “maby, maby not but still I wear it” for mental fitness is the hardest to obtain and PB saw the perfect opertunity. THANX

  72. on 19 Nov 2010 at 16:30Dayanna

    Hahaha. So they’re all fake?

  73. on 19 Nov 2010 at 16:31Dayanna

    “not to mention unethical on part of the sellers to promote a product as having magic unproven qualities”

  74. on 19 Nov 2010 at 16:44Dayanna

    But I don’t believe in Magic. What is the silver thing in a power balance made up of, anyway? If it is a magnet, it might be too small to have an effect on the body. No offense. I’m just saying my opinion.

  75. on 27 Nov 2010 at 08:59kevin

    hi nathon can you by any means send me a picture of a powerbalance braclet with the placebo tablet put in the middle so i can sell just the placebo on ebay as i was kicked off for selling the pb for 2 quid english pounds so people couldent get ripped off they threatened to take me a court every thing for selling there fake fakes duh and im sure i can put the placebo on ebay and if any one should be calling in the trading standards it should be the public for there false claimsyou couldent go to the shop and ask for a coke and get given water but oh just beleive its water and it will work like coke so if you can send the picture would be great mabe pb will have to buy it off me to get it off thanks

  76. on 03 Dec 2010 at 00:32daivd glader

    wow, a FAKE version of a SCAM product. and i thought the world had hit rock-bottom of shamelessness when the people who shaved britney spears’ head sold the hair on ebay.

  77. on 04 Dec 2010 at 02:14luke

    Nar this Powerrubberband thing is fake. has to be, because the guy at work wears one every day and well lets just say if he’s not calling in sick than he’s lazing around like a fat ass. he cant even muster up the energy to refill the paper in the printer. just sits on his fat ass waiting till someone walks past his door and than asks them to refill it. plus he def has no balance he’s the biggest push over ever. $60 for a rubberband?? dont these people know office works sell them in a box of 100 for $2.60….

  78. on 04 Dec 2010 at 19:25Jenny

    I love them. They make me feel great.

  79. on 07 Dec 2010 at 16:32Chris du Toit

    My wife was diagnosed with Fibro-mayalgia a while ago. This is a condition that causes constant and extreme muscle and sometimes skin pain to the point where a lot of sufferers falls into depression and commits suicide. There is no treatment and no cure for this and it targets mostly women. My wife was in constant pain and there was nothing anyone could do. I heard about the bracelets and gave one to my wife, without explaining what it was supposed to do. I asked her to trust me and just wear it for a couple of days. Since she has been wearing it, her pain has gone from constant extreme pain every single day, to mild discomfort once or twice a week.

    I am involved in a different field of science, not relating to biology at all, so I would not be able to say if this is fake or not. All I know is that its doing something to give my wife back some quality of life.

  80. on 15 Dec 2010 at 06:34Toyboy

    Ha, ha, ha! don’t know if it works, but being a skeptical like me, I bought it today. Was very tired{not sleepy} while walking in the mall. Sore-back etc. Suddenly it became less. Must be a beautifully lady passing by.lol. I paid +- US$ 28. { South Africa } It was on a special.lol. Like I said, I do not believe in things like this, but are always curious and like to run something down with facts……or agree if it worked for me. As said, my back felt better{ remember the lady }, but I also had this sudden urge to sleep this afternoon. I never sleep in afternoons. Too difficult when waking up. While reading, I felt asleep and had a notch or two more than 40 winks. Well, danger was in the air, seeing that my mood is always so bad after a sleep. Funny, the mood last for maybe 2 min.{usually a hour} I do not think it can be anything to do with the band, but I am now more determent to run it done……or bow to the ones that believes. Maybe I will keep you people up to date. O..yes!! I do have plenty that can improve. So the band do have a hell of a job to do.LOL! Presume you are right that they are all fakes, than I just want to confirm that there are better fakes than other. Let’s call them “original fakes” and ” fake-copies of the original fake”. I must agree with some. Your lure line/bait/slogan also being a fake. A person do get the impression that you are going to tell them the differences. I am fine with it seeing that my reason, for buying it, is 50% the same than your reason for having this website/forum.

  81. on 15 Dec 2010 at 12:59Enemy

    Nathan your fucking retard, you don’t know what your talking about. You are just saying this because of either you thought of this first and didn’t get credited for it or you just scamming people into give you donation money FOR YOURSELF!!!!!

  82. on 15 Dec 2010 at 13:05Enemy

    Nathan your fucking retard, you don’t know what your talking about. You are just saying this because of either you thought of this first and didn’t get credited for it or you just scamming people into give you donation money FOR YOURSELF!!!!! oh ya i got $5,000 to show you that it work

  83. on 15 Dec 2010 at 22:01Nathan

    Enemy: While I wouldn’t for an instant believe that someone double posting from two different IP addresses, with two different email addresses isn’t genuine: done. I’m happy to wager a $5k bet that it doesn’t stand up to any double blind, proper scientific test. Keep in mind, I’m not casually making this bet, so you will need to cough up the cash (as I would) to be held in escrow via a proper, mutually agreed on arrangement so that one side doesn’t run away and claim some inequality in the test. Happy to agree on a proper science based test. Not some rigged test or bullshit pulling people over test.

    I would have thought offering my money at my risk and your money at risk of donating to a charity (and not my personal gain) would have been enough. Happy to arrange any sort of money escrow that doesn’t involve Nigerian transfers to claim lost inheritance. How much more honest and forthright can I get with the wager? If I lose: you get the money, if you lose: your money goes to charity (with all appropriate receipts/proof of donation up on a web page). It might be hard to fathom as you’re used to buying rubber bands of scam merchants, but I’m SO convinced this is a scam the benefit to me if I win is zero and the risk if I lose is my money.

    Please email me your details for the wager, my contact details are in my info page. I would suggest however that you settle on an email address and a real name to back your claim. I have no desire to scam anyone out of money, I work for a living and earn my money – I have no need to scam people in pursuit of the dollars (unlike the powerbalance mob).

    Fatman: Chiro with a conscience – good to see. You’d be surprised how in need most professions are of a little scepticism, so nice work. The terminology on the kinesiology is likely a difference in opinion on what should be called what. Like applied science or something.. I guess they think it is just applying known movement/body physics stuff.. Perhaps in other circles it has other meanings.. My profession (engineering) has all manner of non qualified people taking the “engineering” title..

    hey, everyone falls for placebos: look at vitamins.. You have everyone thinking they are magic and do lots of good: do they? Probably not in most all cases.. Just complete placebo, but we chow down on cold cures and mood enhancers or natural sleeping remedies and they’re mostly just crap. Fake real or fake fake, all the same shit really..

  84. on 17 Dec 2010 at 23:36Ms.T

    now now… all i see is you make a thing made out of plastic shits then sell it. the people are dumb to buy it. but if they liked it , we can’t do anything maybe they liked it because of the style or the color. that’s all im saying but i don’t see anything in this piece of rubber can do anything to me or even do anything they only hang to our wrists.. and be good rubbers til’ they broke

  85. on 18 Dec 2010 at 01:44J.D.

    Okay, so yesterday my mom pulls out this bag full of them, i don’t know where she got all of them but she paid $1.59 each. She’s been giving them away as early Christmas presents, and these people eat that shit up. My grandmother thinks it makes her walk faster, and my uncle claims to sleep better at night. Personally, i think its all a load of shit. For example, last night i decided to test it. While wearing one of the bracelets i walked along this pipe, i fell off. When i took the bracelet off, i made it all the way across. Fraud. Plain and simple.

  86. on 23 Dec 2010 at 18:09Toyboy

    Nathan, I bought a “Power Balance”. As promised her are my update. No prove yet that it worked after caring it for 8 days. There were a few incidents that can indicate that there are possibilities, but no proof yet. The statement that It work right away, as soon as you put it on, I start doubting. Well I am not finish testing and will keep you all up to date. Still open mind.

    Ps. It didn’t working for me either when I met the new lady.lol.
    I can say it became rather the in-thing to wear in South Africa. To me it feels more like a collar. If lucky, maybe a nice lady will attached her leash to it.LOL!!!

  87. […] the first on Fake powerband scam? Power balance is Snake oil in bracelet form and the second on How to spot a fake power balance bracelet. Powerbalance […]

  88. on 23 Dec 2010 at 23:10Nathan

    Hey everyone who had a go at me, reckon you should apologise like Powerbalance have for selling a scam product?


    Still happy to have the $5000 challenge..
    So let’s see who thinks powerbalance is a scam:
    * Nathan Lee
    * Anyone with half a brain
    * Power balance itself

    So join the crowd, it’s ok.. They’re offering to buy them back in Australia. I’d say that’s a win for Australia just quietly if Australia is the only place in the world to call these scam merchants out for being a scam.

  89. on 24 Dec 2010 at 07:15Truco

    What will happen if one day someone comes, and show to the world that the real products can provide subtle energy? Will you all bad mouth talkers come and give a apologyse to the trademarks, will the ACCC pay for the damage they have done to the trademarks.
    Acupuncture is a scam? Reiky is a scam? Energy healing is a scam? There are many new era doctors using frequencies to heal people, are they a scam? So history of the human world has been a scam!!! How they have been surviving all kind of difference culture without your synthetic medicine? Are you so blind with the big pharma corporation, that you trust them till death? People forget to easy, don´t you remember the Pandemic Flu, and governments buying SCAM VACCINES? Why is the EC regulating the natural herbs, from April 2011 they will be forbidden to sell them, only the big pharms corp will be able to use them, I thought you all said Naturopathy is a SCAM too!! You don´t know anything, just what governments want you to know. Have ACCC done a research about the products, have they tested with devices that are used to measure energy levels in the body.
    Remember when Science has got no explanation, it is easier for them to negate the true!!!
    Red bull gives you Wings!!! Big Scam!!!!
    Anti aging creams of all sorts!!! Big Scam!!!
    Computer and phones, make your life easier!!! Big Scam!!!
    Most of the human history told to us through schools!!! Big Scam!!!
    Bible, life of Jesus!!! Big Scam by the Vatican!!!

    Fucking scientifics don´t even know how life started, they don´t have a real proof, another big Scam!!!
    Your fucking government another huge SCAM and you and me have to pay for them to live a super life, with taxes.
    Why don´t you talk about them.
    Cigar killing people
    Alcohol killing people
    Wow SYNTHETIC drugs made by the big corps, killing people.

    Has any holographic band killed any person? Your doctors kill person every single day, by giving wrong medication, how may big corporation has to recall their products for killing people, like a french company that has killed over 500 people, where are you guys complaining against them? You are really a bunch of wannabes.

    If this holograms are the key to open the placebo effect, it is quite cheap, cause no doctor or scientific has done it before.

    By the way if you buy any of these original band. Power Balance, Mojo Future Tech, Infinite-World or EFXUSA, they will work. There are some research done and Certifications and evaluations at least on two of them above, by Phd doctors.
    Rusian space agency has been testing the energy of their workers with devices that has been used to read the energy changes in the body using the bracelets. There are more energy flow, it doesn´t mean you are going to have more balance or more strenght, but you are going to have a better energy flow through your body, which can give you different effects.

    Funny thing is reading Unis report saying it is placebo, other said it´s not placebo, you guys what it is then? You don´t even have a real explanation.

    Thousands of people will not stop wearing it, because they know and they feel changes in the body!!!
    if it´s work for you, keep wearing it, and fuck off all this boring skeptics wannabes trying to show the world just shit. Remember it´s the key for placebo!!! if you buy a cheap one, you might get a shit silicone product, with toxic elements. That´s the difference.
    To Nathan you are welcome to Spain, if you want to do the 1000$ bet, with 10 person

  90. on 25 Dec 2010 at 22:20D-bo

    dude, sounds to me your trying to rip people 1000 dollars…if they want to be dumbasses and spend their money fucking let em…how is it gonna hurt you any? so stop getting your panties in a bunch over some plastic bracelet… if i was you i wouldnt go through this trouble trying to prove something so fucking stupid lol seriously? …fucking idiot

  91. on 03 Jan 2011 at 17:44a wise man


  92. on 06 Jan 2011 at 01:00Wes

    @Simon: From a fellow South African…for selling these things to your fellow South Africans when you KNEW they were bogus you are a C*NT of note! It takes a prize chop with the morality of a senior politician to take advantage of gullible people. I hope you f*cking get sent to Pollsmoor, raped up the @ss repeatedly and die a slow horrible death from AIDS. Karma can be a real bitch….

  93. on 07 Jan 2011 at 02:59Spanky

    I have a Power Balance Bracelet and I think it is the best thing sense Jesus Christ. I have been in 7 car accidents sense 1998 no fault to me and surgery on both knees, I live in pain every day. I am here to says it does what it says it does. If no one has actually shown you how the Bracelet work you would not now the instant reaction you get from the Bracelet. If this ideal was in whatever I would purchase it. There is no price for the relief of pain, but for a one time purchase I will pay.

    As far as the money issue of it everthing is made in China, you put your company name on it now it is brand, make a couple of changes and take the company name off of it and now it is a fake. If you pay .99, 1.99, 3.99, 6.99, 19.99, 29.99, 59.99, or 100.00 if they all do the same thing who is the smarter person. Volkwagon or Mercedes they both get you to your destination one just cost a whole hell of alot more.

    That is why the world is in the mess it is in now it cost nothing to make things but because of the demand they will charge alot.

    Try it if it works for you great! If it do not still great you did not get worse by trying. If the same thing worked for everyone we would really be in a mess. One thing for sure Blind, Cripple or Crazy everyone knows what M O N E Y is all around the W O R L D. And if you supply it someone is going to buy it so why stop the ones that wants to puchase from you they are going to buy it from someone why not you.

  94. on 07 Jan 2011 at 04:51sidai

    HAHA, I really had a laugh reading this. Awesome post. See some thought here.

  95. on 10 Jan 2011 at 03:404th grader

    They stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are only giving half the people their money back.

  96. on 12 Jan 2011 at 16:59GAdget

    Well All I have to say is this

    I have had the original PB since day one. I suffer from severe motion sickness. Since the PB , i am not on meds and for me it works. But then again I didnt buy the fake at half the price. Sometimes in life because you cannot explain something or dont understand it does in no way mean that its a scam.

    Just my 2c worth

  97. on 12 Jan 2011 at 17:13GAdget

    As far as seeing a fake, geeeez guys have you even sat down and compared the two ?

    My 5 year old can tell the diffs !

    Just examine the hologram and you spot the quality diffs… We did a test on a mate of mine who bought a fake… the tests didnt work AT ALL…. So much for Placebo claims… Then did it with the real PB and it worked… Repeated it 5 times !!! Same results

    There are some real haters out there, who cares… It works for me, and thats all that matters

  98. on 12 Jan 2011 at 17:15GAdget

    Nathan , I will bet you $3000 that youre a wanker

  99. on 21 Jan 2011 at 07:12zicka

    I’ve bought the fake one for 2 bucks, cause it looks kinda cool. xD

    And I feel bad for the old people, who get scammed by the Power Balance company.

  100. on 24 Jan 2011 at 03:48melissa

    Medically the claim is rediculous! I actually bought a bracelet…and knew this prior to purchase. I really just bought it as a reminder to take care of myself ,health, body…ect. My purchase had nothing to do with me being an “idoit” as some others previously mentioned. It is difficult to stay on track with fitness and eating right.(in my case anyway). All the bracelet is …is a fashionable reminder to keep healthy. (compairing to a little red bow around your finger) same theory. As for the company claims of scientific proof….there is no scientific proof on the physical body but on the mind it does keep a positive reminder. and if it takes a reminde raka placebo for some people…then i say go for it. Anything that keep positive happiness in ones life…what is the harm??? If you make your own reminder or you purchase…who really cares? thats your choice :) what you take into your mind you give out. what you surround yourself with you become.

  101. on 26 Jan 2011 at 00:04REBECCA

    what if we bought a power balance bracelet from a reputable jewelry store thinking it was the real one but it is fake and we have paid R 250.00 for it and they refuse to give our money back?

  102. on 27 Jan 2011 at 11:11Hank

    Why don’t you Morons go after a company that is selling snake oil that IS acutally harmful to people i.e. Redbull (it gives you wings), Monster, Pepsi, Coke, 5 Hour Energy. I think you get the point. Very few performance enhancing or athletic products actually do exactly what they say they will do for you. Who cares if the Power Balance bands don’t align your bodies IONs at least they are not literally canned poison for $3 a can.

  103. on 28 Jan 2011 at 14:37camilo

    You want to know why I stop reading this blog, and why I think you are a complete ignorant and illiterate.

    1. Because columbia, the one of your picture is a city in SC
    2. if you was trying to said colOmbia, the country, you are totally an illiterate and ignorant, because the ones like in the picture that use cocaine are americans.
    3. You have no money to go out of your country and know other cultures, that basically you knew of that cultures on movies on your tv ( no money to go to a cinema )
    4. If you are writing an inteligent blog, investigate first what you want to said, and try to dnot insult anyone.


  104. on 28 Jan 2011 at 17:18Nathan

    1: I grabbed the picture from somewhere. I didn’t make it.. It’s an attempt at humour. I’m well aware there’s a difference in spelling, but with such a shitty picture there’s not too much retouching to be done without the thing getting even worse.

    2. You’re going to get technical on a photoshopped picture of people somehow snorting up using pipes that can obviously not fit in their noses? Not to mention the fact that even if they could somehow breathe the entire volume of the pipes that big into their lungs: they’d be doing well. I was actually searching for pictures of people doing lines off strippers, but that one popped up and I thought it was more amusing and not as smutty.

    3. Do you think being poor is a reason to make fun of someone? For your information I’m on my second passport, having filled up the last one with stamps. I have travelled quite a lot and lived in two countries outside my home country (Hong Kong and the United Kingdom). Keep in mind I’ve had two very high travel job titles: trainer and pre-sales consultant where I was on a plane at least 2 or 3 times a week. I also spent nearly 6 months touring Europe and Morocco on motorcycle before returning home. So maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree there. But hey, maybe us ignorant Aussies just sit around with our crocodiles and kangaroos and talk about shrimps on barbies. Every country has its stereotypes me using a picture to talk about the extraordinary amount of money these snake oil salesmen at Powerbalance have made is the least of your worries.

    4. I would hope some of my content is intelligent, but I make no promises not to insult anyone. In fact I am intentionally disrespectful to some groups, organisations and people with whom I have an issue to bring to light. There’s no right to never be offended in a free speech environment because everyone’s offended by different things. You can choose whether to be offended and how to react, but it’s not my responsibility (particularly on my own blog) to ensure every random person walks away unchallenged or not offended in the slightest. What I will do is let you have your say without censorship (unless you start advertising products or spamming in such a way as to avoid my anti-spam filters.. then you will be censored.. but valid discussion, preferably civil = free to post away).

    Now, did you have anything on the actual content rather than one of the pictures I threw in to make it a bit less boring? :)

  105. on 28 Jan 2011 at 17:21Nathan

    Hank: Those aren’t making made up claims – red bull does contain active ingredients.. Caffeine will make you awake..
    I agree, they aren’t healthy.. but they’re not really saying they are are they?
    Caffeine energy drinks will do exactly what they say they’ll do: wake you up and give you a dose of caffeine.

    Powerbalance on the other hand: no “technology” in it and does not have any science to back up their claims of strength/flexibility etc. (they admitted all this)

  106. on 28 Jan 2011 at 17:24Nathan

    Rebecca: Reputable jewellery stores don’t sell disreputable products like this.. I guess you’ve just learned a lesson that you should be a bit more skeptical on such products in future. If it sounds incredible and has some gimmicky sales process like showing your flexibility increase in a demonstration: it’s probably a scam.

  107. on 28 Jan 2011 at 23:44Dave

    Wow, imagine those hardcore chinese that chop a pile of concrete in half had to wear a power balance bracelet, what would the result be?

  108. on 06 Feb 2011 at 23:54Gaston

    I bought the power balance just to prove my theory.
    All of them is menthal.
    Your real strengh is menthal. No bracelet are going to improve nothing in your life, the only thing that u could improve is your mind.
    So people stop waisting your money in a piece of s… and start doing menthal exercise to improve your life. Its the only way.

  109. on 07 Feb 2011 at 23:31Alice Troup

    Dear Mr. Magic Bean,
    I’ll see your wager and raise you 10,000. All you have to do is a proper scientific experiement that proves what you say.
    Might as well just send me the money, since you are obviously unwilling and unable to conduct a proper scientific experiment, and I am no more willing to accept your magic bean science, than you are willing to accept someone else’s magic bean science. A better term would be sales science, since that is what everyone is trying to use to prove their point. In your case, since you seem to be a comedian, perhaps clown science would be a great term.
    (Clown science also neatly sums up your juggling big scientific terms like double blind and validity and scientific experimental proof and placebo, while remaining clueless to their meaning–but they have sales value, you don’t have to know their meaning, just throw them out when magic beans are necessary. Then there is the proof by slippery slope plus don’t know what cause and effect or validity mean. And, I am tempted to say totally insane, but insanity is both a legal and medical term, so I will stick with the anti-logic that a 1 person sample is the scientific standard for a big enough sample to represent every case and every one everywhere and every time. Those of us that got our degree in experimental science from an accredited university would have to disagree. I would go as far as to say that the experimental science degree that you found in a Cracker Jacks box doesn’t make you an expert.)
    I’m really too tired to explain each point in detail but start with these two. It is very expensive to do testing on anything close to a representative sample so large samples require lots of money. There are 2 basic ways to get the money. Work for a company that has money to invest in the research they want and do the research they want, or peer review. A good example of peer review is if a professor isn’t funded by a grant, they may do research to get published in a professional journal. Other professionals in the field can replicate the experiment, increasing sample size, and controlling for more factors. Controlling all factors is, obviously impossible, but necessary to state cause and effect, and necessary for validity.
    The second point is that Richard Sanders experiment was clearly not a double blind experiment. In the first experiment both the experimenter and the subject knew the product was in use, in the second experiment at least the experimenter knew it was not the product. In a double blind experiment neither the experimenter nor the subject know what the product is, hence the name double blind, because both the experimenter and the subject are “blind” or unknowing as to which the product is. (And you want you to just mail you 1,000 dollars based on your claim that you have Richard Sanders “double blind” experiment as proof? You expect me to pay up on a controlled double blind experiment, based solely on you not knowing experimental procedure and terminology. You expect this because you think you have scientifically proven that your ignorance proves that people who are less ignorant must know less than the more ignorant. So you are living proof of stupidity?)
    By the way, since you aren’t willing to do the real science necessary for scientific peer review, you prefer the toss a coin method, you need to provide a representative sample. (Since it is a one time sample and total sample size cannot be increased by peer review a proper sample size would be everyone in the whole world. This same logic applies to controlling every variable.)
    And, while you have people looking up placebo (since this didn’t seem to apply to you) let me explain what placebo means for you. An experimenter gives someone an experimental drug. The experimental subject will probably show some improvement. Why? There are at least 3 good possible explinations: the drug works, any pill shaped thing will make them feel better, the attention they get from the experimenters makes them feel better. If placebos didn’t cause improvement there would be no need for placebos, ditto for control groups. So what you are doing is measuring the improvement from the drug then subtracting the improvement caused by the placebo, then–oops, you left out the control group–subtracting the improvement caused by the experimenters (attention, wanting to please the experimenters, novelty, interesting, etc.) Note, the control group is not blind at all. Both the experimenters and the subjects know that they are taking part in some “alternate therapy”. And why are you doing a double blind instead of ABA methology. (Oh yea, didn’t get your scientific research education from an acredited university, you thought the ability to watch television and read the paper, and spout clown science was an equivilent education, and the tv didn’t explain ABA. )
    So, try again when you understand the methodology and terminology of experimental science. It’s basically a simple thing.
    You are seeking predictibility–cause and effect. You absolutely need repeatability.
    The scientific experimental standard is not truth. The scientific standard is validity. Validity equals truth plus relevance.
    The one experiment you have reflects truth, but lacks relevance. The test was neither relevant to whether a bracelet/band promotes health and/or well being, or whether a credit card promotes health/well being. Here’s a basic experiment you can try that will prove the experiment you have lacks relevance:
    Have a person take a drug that is necessary to keep them alive and another take a breath mint. Do your experiment on both of them. You have sucessfully used your clown science to prove that there is no difference between a drug necessary to keep someone alive, and a breath mint, and people are wasting their money on prescription drugs when breath mints work just as well.
    P.S. Please send me cash. I don’t take those magic beans.

  110. on 08 Feb 2011 at 06:36angel

    Nathan hope u know u making a fool of urself.u are carrying on like a little boy.if u have not tired it then u should shut ur mouth becoz u don’t know what u talkinh about .IT WORKS.I’m from SA.I believe in it.

  111. on 11 Feb 2011 at 15:57Nathan

    angel: When powerbalance themselves say it doesn’t have any proof it works and admits deceptive advertising.. I think I’m on pretty safe ground in stating it’s garbage.

    Alice Troup: Double blind tests are ideal for when the tester and test subject might be able to influence the test outcome (either directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously). Of course I’d love for the experiment to be duplicated with very large groups independently (actually: RMIT in Melbourne was doing exactly that). What made you think I was talking of a 1 person sample size. Watch the video and you’ll see that Richard does the test with a number of people.
    You seem to think you can’t have a product if you “know what the product is”: that’s not the case and doesn’t violate the double blind nature of it (which is by definition: both parties involved don’t know if they have the thing or not). It’s perfectly fine for both parties to know what the product is meant to do because the aim is to see how the product performs relative to the non-product. So long as you don’t tell one group they have a product and not tell the other group.. If everyone knows they’re part of an experiment: big deal.. Level playing field and a product with such “power” as the product concerned would clearly demonstrate its power whether the person knows it or not.

  112. on 27 Feb 2011 at 10:22nathanisadouche

    nathan you sure spend a lot of time bashing these things. you sound like you are 12 with the whole “bet me $1000″ thing. i think you need to get laid bro.

    EDIT: NL – added in the comment from my about page. The day I’m worried about being lectured on maturity from someone using “nathanisadouche” as a username.. Why were you here if you believe they work so well? Why not put some money down then if you are so sure.

    From nathanisadouche on About # [Pending]

    read my name

  113. on 28 Feb 2011 at 20:27Alice Troup

    I’m sorry I was so rude. Here’s a simple ABA experiment that children do. (ABA basically means off, on, off.) Turn light switch on, lightbulb comes on. Child does this about 100 times, until parent makes them stop. Does this mean turning on the light switch causes the lightbulb to come on? Unknown at this point. The child doesn’t know all the relevant factors and what is not relevant. For instance the child was wearing shoes. Will it work the same without shoes, does age, sex, hair color, etc. matter. There are thousands of factors within the child’s environment. So, child tries the same thing without shoes. Shoes do not seem to be relevant. That’s what ABA is good for. You can systematically go through each variable one at a time to see what is relevant and what is not.
    Now here is the same experiment after you turn it into a “double blind”. Child turns on the lightbulb while touching a man. You are correct. This does not prove that men light up the world. The statement is false. Women light up the world. Now the child is touched by either a man or a credit card. It is true that men are just placebos, they don’t do what they promise, and they aren’t any better than a credit card. However, the experiment doesn’t prove that because men are irrelevant. The only action that produced a reaction was turning on the switch. You want to base your experiment on factors that can be eliminated as irrelevant and ignore the relevant factor–pay no attention to the man behind the courtain turning the light on and off.
    The only thing that had any effect on balance in your experiment was arm pulling. Arm pushing, jewelry, credit cards were all irrelevant to the experiment, therefore the experiment can prove nothing in regards to them. Here’s something else that has nothing to do with your experiment–drunkedness. Yet if you touch the subject with either a bottle or a drunk, it will have no more effect on their balance than if you touch them with a credit card. That does not prove that alcohol is a placebo and has no effect on balance. It simply proves that alcohol, like pushing, bracelets, and credit cards were irrelevant to the experiment. The police have experiments that are relevant to alchol use. You don’t see them lining up to use your experiment, do you? That’s because they actually have to prove that their actions were relevant.
    Another thing to think about is that the only thing that had any effect on balance was arm pulling. In order for the experiment to be double blind neither the experimenter nor the subject can know whether the effective action (pulling arm) or a non-effective action (touching with object, for example) was used.

  114. on 04 Mar 2011 at 19:53KJ

    I had a friend give me one as a gift, but it is too small. I tried to sell it on a website but this is the email I received and the company withdrew my advert:
    There has been a very large number of fake Power Balance bracelets in circulation over the past year. Because of this, anybody who sells a Power Balance bracelet on the site is asked to provide proof of purchase so that we can prove the item is not counterfeit. If Power Balance were to find that we allowed the sale of an item infringing on their copyright, then we could be liable for prosecution. Unfortunately if you cannot provide a receipt for this product, then you cannot sell the item on the site. Please let us know if there is no way you are able to track down the receipt and we will be able to remove the listing for you.
    As I don’t have a receipt (don’t normally get one with a gift!!!) I’m now stuck with a bracelet that doesn’t fit. Oh well … guess I can use it around my beer bottle at parties! Hope the “technology” doesn’t work on my beer!

  115. on 10 Mar 2011 at 08:44Kevin

    I’ll take the bet 😉 and lets make it 10K probably you’ll have to borrow the money, but thats fine I can wait…

  116. on 20 Mar 2011 at 13:34Diddy

    You are a retard Nathan…..you are just a scam…writing about things your retarded self cant understand.

    – NATHAN IS JUST SCAM – Dont read his crap – totally fake – how do we know he isnt a computer?? What a fool..

  117. on 23 Mar 2011 at 14:49Ryan

    Nathan, good job man. I have to disagree on your thinking that chi/life energy is bullshitt. Metaphysical energy, human electrical fields and what not are full of half truths. Its obvious that people are using these theories to say a peice of plastic contains metaphysical ion manipulators.
    I have tried to find research for such things but i havent found any research showing that there is technology that can put ions into a silicone band and make them create frequencies or manipulate ions in the body. I mean its really far fetched.. this is just one explanation of how these things work. Personally i believe in human energy, but this is a scam.
    If you want to improve your balance take yoga, and if you want to be more relaxed, meditate. Before you buy this, ask yourself, do you really believe you can have well-being by just putting on a piece of plastic with some powerranger symbol on the front?

  118. on 26 Mar 2011 at 08:54Mike

    Flat out… If u believe it works it will help you..If you think it’s shit and u still buy it then you have wasted your money. This isn’t the first fake item that has been sold to make money so get over it Nathan. If it at the very least inspires someone to do more with themselves then that’s more than you did by even writing this. You probably got one and still did nothing so you’re mad at yourself more than anyone, it will be ok.

  119. on 01 Apr 2011 at 00:07Mandy Fazendeiro

    Wow. I just bought a PB today from a off the street salesman, selling all sorts of stuff that you don’t think exists. It took alot for him to convince me from one item to the next. He was well presented, friendly and a genuine people’s person. I did not think anything of PB but one off the bright sparks in my office told me it is a scam and that I should google it. Now that I am here and have read everyone’s comments I realise that there will always be a debat about what people believe in or not. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and people should respect that. What I have spend on it, would probably put some food on this man’s table tonight, so I don’t feel bad. Those who have bought it might have done it for the same reasons I have today. This PB will remind me that I might have supported someone who really needed the money to survive from day to day. I count my blessings and thank God that I am in a fortunate position to support the things my family needs.

  120. on 10 Apr 2011 at 04:48nibly

    at some point its kind of a fashion statement/fad bracelet and at *that* point, the genuine should be distinguishable from the fakes. like a genuine juicy couture knock-off purse holds stuff equally as well as the genuine article, but the assumption is you still want the genuine article.

  121. on 16 Apr 2011 at 05:58Brianne

    Great article! I read every single comment, and had a good laugh about people defending the “technology” after PB admitted to making false claims. Keep being awesome and skeptical!

  122. on 19 Apr 2011 at 09:05angela

    the band if fake, bought a real one from the site and paid the full price. I got it home and cut it up. Its just a sticker inside. I cut the band as well and yet anagin…no magic magnetic power baloney lol just runner and a sticker. If you dont believe me, just cut your up and look for yourself. you will be surprised

  123. on 26 Apr 2011 at 11:21Katerina Koutsoyannis

    Hey there i just went to the mall and my aunt bought one i went to school with one and a boy told me it was fak so how can you tell its a sticker? my aunt say they work im not shure.Is it a waste of money plz help me thanks

  124. on 07 Jun 2011 at 10:28Josh

    If anyone still doesn’t believe Nathan…. I’m sorry. I really am. Please watch this youtube video of the stupid test that they trick you with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atujz5lWLQ4. “Well maybe the demo is fake but the band still has negative ion energy that helps our wellbeing” you say. Why use a scam to sell something if the product itself actually works? It just destroys any credibility that the product may have had. Please watch the video and see how you are being scammed.

  125. on 23 Jun 2011 at 04:23Joe navarro

    This is why I hate the web. So much negativity out their. I am a believer in power technologies. I have bad shoulders and they were getting worse. I bought a bracelet and they SLOWLY started to get better. Not only that, but when I dislocated them last time they were able to put my left one in easily. It usually takes surgery to put it back in socket. Is this because of the bracelet? I’m not sure, but I’m buying one every 6 month even though they say it’s good for life.

  126. on 23 Jun 2011 at 04:26Joe navarro

    second. I will agree that the tests are a lame sales pitch. But I will always be a believer because I’ve felt better since I’ve put it on….

  127. on 23 Jun 2011 at 18:58Iman

    Wow, i totally agree with u on this point nathan, but sometimes i get this feeling, that u`re being paid by doctors or whatsoever-i-hate-pb incorporated.. How much time have u spent writing, and answering all these ppl?
    There are some simple relations between big countries, and hugely money-making products just like this. i explain:
    10% of world`s money in 90% of world`s population bank accounts. so 10, owns 90, and, just as an example, who do u think gets on d top of top 10 in us? Correct(i hope so), the one who had a simple idea, that u can count on ur house as a source of money to invest. result? a sharp rise in homeless ppl numbers + a multi gizillionare.
    If u wanna fight this PB or 1000 thing like this happening right now, then u have to fight with that 10%. and unfortunately, i don like sayin this but there`s a fact, that this 90/10 system is caused by CAPITALISM. if u wanna fight that, then i`m by ur side, feel free to mail me if u wanted help.
    + i dont have any idea what system should be used instead of capitalism, but i know one thing, that THIS system, sux.

  128. on 18 Jul 2011 at 13:02jbiggy

    if anyone would like to look up the effects of negative ions that is what is in these products. Scientists have been researching this for years, nasa as well. this is something that is created everyday and if u think that u are able to figure out all the things that exist in nature than u need to take a break from posting ignorant uninformed blogs do some research on every side of the equation b4 u answer the question

  129. on 18 Jul 2011 at 14:46Nathan

    Can you point to where on the powerbalance website they say that’s what their magic holograms have in them? I think you’re getting your quack products mixed up. “Negative Ions” are talked about by all sorts of morons who don’t understand any chemistry whatsoever (and yes: I’m suggesting you’re one of those people).

    From their website:
    “How Does the Hologram Work?
    The thin polyester film hologram is programmed through a proprietary process, which is designed to mimic Eastern philosophies that have been around for hundreds of years”

    So not “negative ions” but a holographic mimic of “eastern philosophies”. So even more bullshit sounding than “negative ions”. Maybe there’s a Buddha in the hologram or something?

    Perhaps you can tell me what type of negative ions they have. e.g. do you even know what an “ion” is and why is a negative ion magically going to increase strength and balance?

  130. on 19 Jul 2011 at 00:07Giannis

    Nathan, I rarely post any comments in blogs/articles but this time I wanted to write that I admired your patience answering to all these superficial and ignorant people.

    I always thought Albert Einstein’s quote was a pun (“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I ‘m not sure about the the universe.”)

    After reading several comments here I am shocked -not to say appalled- by the sheer stupidity and herd mentality most of the times leading to flaming hatred and fanaticism. This makes you lose all hope for all of humanity.

    I wish you the best fighting ignorance and be wary of the weirdos trolling in here. As most plain stupid people, they can be also dangerous.

  131. on 15 Aug 2011 at 09:45J Lo

    Power-Band is now Harmony Balance-Bands, their website still shows the Power-Band pictures, they are now selling these on Groupon for $15. I was thinking that at $15 it was worth a try. 10 min of research and I won’t be spending 10 cents on one! If I want a colorful piece of rubber for around my wrist it will say “Live Strong” not “Power-Band”

    This is copied directly from their FAQ page!
    Q: Is an Harmony Balance band similar to a Power Balance band?
    A: No. Absolutely not. The main principle of an Harmony Balance Band is the power of Negative Ions. A Power Balance Band contains no Negative Ions.
    Q: Why is there a mylar hologram on the Harmony Balance wristband?
    A: This is purely for aesthetics and authentication purposes and shows the Harmony Balance logo.

    Nonsense, Is it the hologram or is it the Negative Ions?
    Neither, it’s marketing and the lemming effect!

  132. on 21 Aug 2011 at 13:48Taco Sanchez

    Nathan, you seem to be one of those no-it-all, self righteous, pencil neck, smart asses! If someone chooses to purchase one of these bracelets, what on earth does it have to do with you? Go donate all the money you are saving, to one of the charities you mentioned. Placebo or not, if it works for some, wonderful. You seem to think those who are foolish enough to purchase these bracelets, are of lesser inteligence than you. I’ll run circles around you, with my bracelet on, and we’ll see who is KING SHIT! You need a serious short-arm close-line. You are an irritating weasle!

  133. on 25 Aug 2011 at 18:05Jenc

    No harm to you Nathan, but if you spent as much time debating for the cause of the charities aforementioned then maybe I’d have more respect for you.
    It’s a stupid silicon band…who cares?
    Why are u wasting ur breath?
    I cannot believe you think half these people have even read your blog post in it’s entirety…it bored the hell out of me. Plus, buying a band (whether it works or not) will not prevent people donating to charity. People will spend money on useless things all the time, you included. Please drop the holier than thou attitude and think about the real issues you’d like to fight for the next time u buy something you really don’t need.

  134. on 28 Aug 2011 at 21:55Qugo

    I’m sorry, but you haven’t really presented any scientific or factual proof as to Why these braceletes are fake and do not work. This article is pretty much just a blind promoter of boycotting a product without supported reason.

  135. on 02 Sep 2011 at 02:24JC

    LOL…quite a stir you have caused! Loved the post!
    The only truth here this is that different states of mind delivers different results and the problem is that people don’t know how to get there effectively.
    What the Power Balance bracelet does is that it brings people to that balanced, flexible, awake, stronger, relaxed, or whatever) state of mind. It’s called anchoring. Basically what anchoring is that it’s a memory recall technique used to change your state of mind by associating it with a stimulus (in this case the bracelet).
    Essentially what the reps and infomercials are doing is programming your brain to bring you to a different state of mind (of balance, power, flexibility, etc.) and associating those feelings with the bracelet. So that whenever it’s worn, it triggers your brain to that state of mind
    This technique is called anchoring it does work 100% if you do it properly. And the more stronger the state of mind the more effective it’ll work.
    Learn more about anchoring and you’ll get the idea behind this. And if you learn and practice the anchoring with the bracelet I guarantee that it’ll will work 100% of the time. But if you can’t afford $60 for the bracelet then use your index finger and thumb or clench you hand into a fist or use a rock. That’ll work too!
    Hopefully your commenter’s will realize too that it’s not the bracelet. It’s anchoring!

  136. on 04 Sep 2011 at 03:08Chris

    I bought one at an expo center for 8 dollars. That was before I read this. I also can’t tell whether it’s fake or real, I can’t tell cause I’m a fucking retard.I don’t have a clue mainly because I’m thirteen!

  137. on 15 Sep 2011 at 08:19kathy

    I bought mine from the dollar store and it was only 10 dollars and it works!!!!

  138. on 16 Sep 2011 at 03:38Aubrey Lavigilante

    I would say that the powerbalance is just a simple bracelet.. The user thinks that its working when, but infact, its not!! Its just the positive thinking of the user that is working! Anyway, I do have one too! Lol.. Its to late nw! If I saw this post before, huh, never I would have bought it lol..

  139. on 06 Nov 2011 at 15:37Sule

    want to gain 500% more strength??????

    go to the gym and work out 3 hours more

    want to be able not to fall over everything?

    eat more fruits and vegetables

    what an irenew or power balance bracelet so you can be fooled like everyone?

    go for it you fool

  140. on 09 Nov 2011 at 13:26Yeah... Just saying

    Okay, i believe you that it doesn’t work, honestly, its a matter of opinion on this. I was once tricked by this, but if it was real, and it made you stronger, more energetic, faster etc. THen why don’t doctors use this to improve lives of others that need this, really if it was real then why haven’t they done this.
    I have one myself actulally and i use it to tease my little brother, he of courrse beleives ti works until one aday i showed him that the company itself said that they were scams, that there was no scientific enidence hwatsoever to do this.
    Now if anyone here reads the blog and writes negative things on it then why did you read it in the first place if its not true.
    Hello, its called reverse psychology. You say Nathan shouldn’t write about it because he’s showing negative things about it and being a hater. Well you’re saying negative things abou his blog and writing bad things about it, he thinks it doesn’t work, you think it does.
    He’s never bought one, you once have.
    He puts down the braceletes and tries to help you to win a few bucks, you tel us to buy one and maybe lose a few bucks.
    But get this, the company admitted to theif scams, look it up why don’t you if you don’t beleive me, and then tel me.
    -Thanks for the update Nathan, even if it was written a while ago.

  141. on 09 Nov 2011 at 13:32Yeah... Just saying

    The Australian manufacturer of Power Balance, the wildly popular rubbery bracelets embedded with holograms claimed to somehow adjust the body’s energy or vibrations, has admitted that there is no proof their product works.

    A representative of Power Balance Australia issued a statement that read in part, “We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims. Therefore we engaged in misleading conduct.”

    Power Balance bracelets achieved global popularity, in part because they were embraced by a parade of celebrities. Dozens of professional athletes, movie stars and musicians use them and have been photographed wearing the bands.

    So what were A-listers like Robert DeNiro, Shaq, Kate Middleton, and P. Diddy getting out of them?

    Australian researcher Richard Saunders told Discovery News, “The claims are that these bands will improve your strength, your balance, and your flexibility. They also suggest it will improve your well-being, give you clarity of thought, improve your stamina and sports performance, that sort of thing.”

    Saunders, co-host of the Skeptic Zone podcast, was asked by an Australian television show to test the bands on a representative from Power Balance. “I tested the head of the Australian branch, and he failed five times out of five tests. So it was pretty conclusive. These were blind and double-blind tests where he had to tell which one out of six volunteers had the band on. He was pretty shocked when they failed to work.”

    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Graeme Samuel stated that “Suppliers of these types of products must ensure that they are not claiming supposed benefits when there is no supportive scientific evidence. Consumers should be wary of other similar products on the market that make unsubstantiated claims, when they may be no more beneficial than a rubber band.”

    How, exactly, were the bands said to work in the first place? Josh Rodarmel, co-creator of the bracelets, tried to explain the “science” behind his product by claiming that everything in nature has a “frequency,” and that the Power Balance bands restore a “natural healing frequency.”

    Claims like this, though common in New Age and “alternative” health circles, are laughable to scientists and skeptics like Harriet Hall, a retired medical doctor and former Air Force surgeon.

    Hall, who runs a Web site called SkepDoc, devoted to examining dubious medical claims, told Discovery News that Power Balance claims about body vibrations and resonance are pure nonsense. “This whole resonance and vibration business is pseudoscience emanating from the myth of the human energy field—not the kind of energy physicists measure, but some vague and unproven life energy like the acupuncturists’ qi (or “chi”). Statements like ‘We are a frequency’ and ‘We are a bunch of cells held together by a frequency’ are completely at odds with scientific knowledge. I e-mailed the company and asked simple questions like, ‘How do you measure the frequency of a rock?’ They didn’t answer.”

    So if you ask, “What’s the frequency, Josh?”, he’s got no answer.

    While the Australian manufacturer of Power Balance bands has been forced to admit its products have no scientific support, other Power Balance distributors around the world continue to insist the product is effective (though it’s not clear why scientific evidence for the band’s efficacy would only apply outside of Australia).

  142. on 19 Mar 2012 at 15:23Kris

    Spent the majority of my day reading this whole discussion, a bit here and a bit there. I was inspired to do some research on this topic after working multiple shows near a booth by the company of Pure Energy. I’m in Massachusetts, US btw. This is either the same company as Pure Balance or the competitors in Australia, or extremely similar. I was baffled to read about everyones experience with this product, especially considering all this happened years ago. It is still happening now.

    The sales folk for this company give the exact same speels, do the same tests, and sell the same product. The first time I saw it I was a bit intrigued as I had seen the ads online and on tv but I am a naturally skeptical person. I went through the demo and I was impressed but definitely not sold. I went home and did some research. I talked to my friend who used to be a carny and he told me all about the scam this is and what exactly they do in the physical demonstration… I was quite pissed, but I let it go. Week after week I’ve done these expos (I work for a home company) and I’ve seen these dirtbags steal money off of decent honest people. Good hard working families are tricked by these displays of supposed genius and continue on to dish out big bucks for a piece of shit. After today’s expo I’d had enough so I did some research online and eventually landed on this blog.

    First of all, Nathan Lee, thank you for writing this and sticking so firmly to the truth even through all the bullish arguments people give. If you stop even one person from buying this crap then you’ve done well.

    Secondly, people who think the bands actually work? Come on, that’s not even an option. If they did work they would not be endorsed by professional athletes; they would be banned from all professional sports, like every other performance enhancing substance. Also, they would be used by every branch of every military in the world, which they are not.

    For the rest of the people who acknowledge that they only work as a placebo, you’re admitting that you have the ability already you just need to change your frame of mind. As somebody mentioned early, so sorry I’m too lazy to scroll up, but anchoring is extremely useful. You can use your mind to trick your body into not feeling pain, being stronger, using your energy more wisely and conservatively. You have the ability.

    Finally, once something is understood to be a placebo, it does not work anymore. If you know you’re taking a sugar pill your mind won’t think you’re healing anymore. But it also opens up your ability to anchor. You know now that you can do something without the help of outside materials. Once people know they can do something on their own; they will.

  143. on 19 Mar 2012 at 22:46Sunny

    I paid $20 for an “authentic” Power and Balance bracelet at Myrtle Beach. It came complete with all the fancy packaging. AND When you look closely at the magic hologram, it says “authentitic ” and “valid” depending on the angle of the light.
    I bought a knock off for $3.99 at a gas station. The logo on the Magic hologram is slightly off and is does NOT say “authentic or “valid” And I pulled it out of a big jar on the counter. It did not come with fancy packaging or instructions.

    The only thing that I thing REALLY works, that I have worn since before it was cool to wear bracelets is Trion-Z. I LOVE my and NEVER take it off.

  144. on 28 Sep 2012 at 08:38Rob

    Just saw one for the first time in victoria b.c guy did the balance test.. seemed to work i spotted the scam right away.. trying to charge 70 bucks for one.. but of course today had a special sale.. 2 for 1…. SCAM!!!!

  145. on 07 Jan 2013 at 00:01john

    Nathan seriously thank you. I read this artical and I realised about the fake powerbalance bands I agree with you THANKS:)

  146. on 26 Mar 2013 at 07:50Corrie van Rooyen

    This was fun to read, even though the scam has gone way beyond its ‘best before’ date.

  147. on 25 Nov 2013 at 14:15Shelby

    Wow this is hilarious but in my mind they do work.
    He acts like no one can have their own opinion. Sheesh just shut the hell up.

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