Oh boy, I think someone found the latest Bond script or something and thought it was “evidence” of some sort of flu plot.

The anti-vaccination mob are a dedicated lot.

Warning, tin foil hats are necessary while reading this

Warning, tin foil hats are necessary while reading anti-vaccination material on the web

They’ll spend hours copy-pasting the same unreferenced rubbish, citing “concerned mother instinct” (helped by celebrity twits like Oprah) and claiming endlessly against all evidence that vaccines are linked with autism (the original source of this autism/vaccine link stuff was a complete fraud).

All medical researchers are evil mass kiddy murderers and vaccines are full of evil ingredients that turn you into a zombie or something. They’ll then claim complete faith in stuff like homoeopathy and magnet therapy etc. Fantastic stuff, really..

But just take a read of this piece of conspiracy garbage that alleges everyone from Obama through the UN, WHO and EU to testing labs and medical companies are part of some global “Illuminati” (is that Ill-uminati) biochemical plot to mass murder half the globe. Oh and the banking system, homeland security, FEMA, the CIA and even the Freemasons (must be spread by special handshakes eh?) are in on it too.

But the plot really goes from crazy to completely and utterly bat shit nuts at about this point:

They have installed a covert infrastructure of genocide in the USA, including FEMA camps with incinerators and mass graves.
They have trained police and other security and health organisations such as Homeland Security and FEMA to carry out the programme of genocide, and to target American patiots calling for a return to the Constitution as terrorists.

It most certainly is! :)

It most certainly is! :)

I guess this is not too much more than the average anti-vaccine stance that alleges vaccines are all about harming kids rather than preventing disease. I pity the poor doctors who have to put up with stupid parents arguing against giving their kids a way to avoid some childhood disease.

I just reckon it’s simpler (and more grounded in reality) to believe that vaccines are there to help prevent some nasty diseases that we’ve found a way to beat through the hard work of smart people. The billions of people that have had vaccines and subsequent healthy lives also lends weight to that theory.

Or maybe I’m just another of the Ill-uminati spreading the evil lies and plots to kill small children via MMR and fluvax injections..


11 Responses to “Vaccination conspiracy: The Ill-uminati”

  1. on 04 Aug 2009 at 22:08zoe

    let them go, nathan, let them go.
    let the clever tuned in people catch polio, TB, whooping cough, measles and the rest.
    and then let them go.


  2. on 06 Aug 2009 at 00:56Alethea

    The sad thing is, even the kids of well informed parents are at risk because they have to be part of a population with kids of idiot anti-vaccers.

    This means that kids for whom the vaccines aren’t 100% effective, or people who can’t have vaccines (because they are too young or have immune diseases) don’t get to benefit from herd immunity, but instead are exposed to potentially dangerous diseases that no one in the developed world needs to suffer from anymore. Just look at poor Dana McCaffery, the 4 week old baby that died recently from whooping cough because she was unfortunate enough to be born in a low vaccine-uptake neighbourhood in NSW.

    There is no reason for there to outbreaks of chickenpox, measles, polio, rubella, etc., anymore than smallpox. These diseases are preventable in the 21st century.

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  5. on 25 Nov 2010 at 13:59Nathan Lee – Vaccinate your kids

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  6. on 20 Jun 2012 at 16:20jake

    You people who shoot up your kids with vaccines are sick. Why not shoot ‘em up with heroin while youre at it?!
    At least do the research before to find out about all the harmful substances you will allow to flow through their fragile, little bodies.
    If you hate them, vaccinate. If you care about them at all, you will not. The choice is clear

  7. on 20 Jun 2012 at 16:24jake

    The uneducated folks who get flu-shots are the ones who GET THE FLU! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND TAKE YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASS! Our bodies are powerful to fight off infection without shooting a dangerous cocktail of live viruses/mercury/and various other HARMFUL chemicals. READ THE SHOT INSERTS, you NITWITS! IT says right there in black and white! JESUS!

  8. on 04 Jul 2012 at 12:38Nathan

    So you are a medical researcher I presume?

  9. on 04 Jul 2012 at 12:39Nathan

    You people who fail to get kids immunised are the ones who are sick and putting others at risk. Talk to anyone who lived through the days before polio was removed from Australian society – then you might realise what vaccinations have done for our quality of life.

    Oh, I removed the duplicate post from one other discussion as it is not adding anything you didn’t post here. If you want to copy and paste – go do it somewhere else. Happy to have rational debate with you, but not have copy/paste stuffed all over my blog thanks.

  10. on 23 Oct 2012 at 20:29hack benjamin

    Nathan.. don’t know if you have kids, but can’t wait until you shoot them up with the miraculous life saving vaccines. Be sure to let us all know how they go.

  11. on 23 Oct 2012 at 21:19Cowcakes

    Miraculous and life saving indeed. It’s wonderful how since the widespread use of vaccines graveyards are no longer filling up with whole families of children that died from diphtheria, small pox is all but a memory, polio is restricted to a few isolated unvaccinated areas of the world and countless babies are you not born deformed or with major brain injury due to their mothers not having German measles. They have worked so well that many now have no memory losing over ones to the diseases that vaccines prevent.

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